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The Original Sin of Men with Black Skin

Chukwuma Hope Nwaubani, great grandson of major Nigerian slavers in Umuahia, Nigeria, 2019

You will never go broke in this country selling white innocence or black blame. Never. In fact, there are very few enterprises more reliably profitable than that one. Every Fox News kook and GOP Negro mascot knows that. That is NOT what this piece is. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Like many writers who take on matters of race, I insist that self-righteous White men in America own their shit. I am forceful in…




Perceive More! is a publication that features pieces challenging our understanding of reality and pushes us in wanting to know more.

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David Saint Vincent

David Saint Vincent

Top Writer on Race and History. Exploring Truths On Race, Politics & Culture. My opinions are never humble, but I recognize they are just my opinions.

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