Black and white photo of a young child sitting the shoulders of an adult overlooking a green space populated with sitting people.
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I worry this poem might cause you distress.

Does its brooding tone undermine our success?

I’ve tired of hopeful narratives bent on rectification.

I’m done with audiences who require interpretation.

I’m lonely, I’m miserable, and I’m on the decline.

These rhymes are for you, your people, and mine.

Let’s forget…

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Halloween is just around the corner, but ghosts are year-round now. Unlike the children veiled in spooky sheets, yelling “BOO” and festively chomping down on Snickers for one day, these ones are real, and they are among us. In fact, for younger generations, these days they are most of us.

(The Data are True, but the Impression is Misleading)


Perhaps one of the most reliable divides between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats tend to view rich people as undertaxed, and Republicans see virtually everyone as over-taxed, but especially the rich. The implications of this difference in perspective are…

Masha (Nicole Kidman) and her daughter, Tatiana.

The Hulu special, 9 Perfect Strangers, is a spectacular show based on the book by the same name. Originally written by Liane Moriarty, the plot follows 9 individuals who have nothing to do with one another until their lives collide at a mindfulness facility called Tranquillum.

I watched this show…

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Since I was young, I’ve had specific dreams. Aspirational goals that I will never accomplish without organization, diligence, obsessiveness, and prudence. Even if I apply these traits, my dreams may still be out of reach — I’ve got to have some serious luck, too. Many people follow the same methods…

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