Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stars in the sexy new all-POC “Robin Hood” remake, now available on Amazon Prime!

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Presenting: the working-class hero herself, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Shining, shimmering, and splendid in a $12,000 gown at the $35,000 per ticket Met Gala in New York last week, AOC made a boldly hypocritical and sexy statement at the star-studded event where the rich and famous chicly caroused without masks during a global pandemic.

A highly necessary event, all the hot and fabulous were required to be vaccinated, though they didn’t need to wear masks despite high rates of breakthrough infections during one of the worst surges of a virus that has killed over 650,000 Americans so far. …

Politics ● Government ● Conclusions & Implications ● Series: New & Improved

Where do we get the hubris to say the Constitution should be changed?

Key Points

  • Even founding father Thomas Jefferson thought that laws should expire and that the Constitution should be revisited on a regular basis.
  • Not questioning historical law and tradition is allowing the past and our ancestors to hold tyranny over us and the present.
  • It is also stopping us from having core conversations, such as what exactly are America’s values and how do we implement them in the world?
“Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States” by Howard Chandler Christy , Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Is there a way to save America and ensure justice and freedom for all? There is… if you are willing to rethink and rebuild the entire Constitution!!

This article is an excerpt from…

It would be a much different world otherwise

The Battle of Lepanto, 1571 (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

There are innumerable moments that changed history; from the invention of the wheel to the signing of the Magna Carta to the cure for polio, these moments often happen without us grasping their significance at the time. We often look at events that caused nations to move in vastly different directions than previously known, such as when the American Civil War ended slavery as an institution while also firmly establishing the United States as unified country rather than a collection of states.

What we rarely pay much attention to, however, is those moments that preserve a country or civilization from…

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Meaning of Nuisance –

Nuisance in the context of Indian law is studied under the Law of Torts, the Indian Penal Code, and the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. It is defined as illegal interference with any person’s use or enjoyment of land, or interference with some right over the land.

It is important to understand the difference between nuisance and trespass. Trespass includes a direct interference with the possession of the land of the plaintiff using some object. The major point of difference is that in the case of trespass the interference is direct and in the case of…

A Killing in Tiger Bay’ (2021)

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

― Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from the Birmingham Jail

Having watched the three-part series on BBC ‘A Killing in Tiger Bay’ (2021) I felt that I had to write about this as the levels of injustice that took place in 1988 at the hands of senior police officers in Wales and during both court cases must be further brought into the light as they are even for me…

Be careful who you listen to, because there’s a lot of really bad ideas out there.

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Are you single? Looking to meet some new people? Perhaps to settle down and find your version of Happily Ever After?

You’re not alone. According to Pew Research from 2020, about 31% of US adults reported being single. While most demographics had a decent chunk of singles, the numbers were the highest amongst men ages 18–29 years old. As a result, there’s a captive market for people to capitalize on loneliness and peddle advice to singles looking to mingle. Some of this advice is helpful… but, sadly, a lot of it is not.

Let’s look at some of the worst…

It’s not always a bed of roses.

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According to The New York Times, 2020 marked the sixth straight year the U.S. birth rate declined. Some people are unable to have children and others are delaying child-rearing for economic and social reasons. However, I’ve also noticed a growing number of people speaking openly about being childfree-by-choice.

Personally, I have never wanted children, and I’ve always been open about that. I think there are many perks to being childfree, but there’s not actually one particular reason I don’t want children. I just never had that itch.

I have no regrets, and my lack of desire has only heightened as…

You Probably Speak an Unofficial Language

Photo by Siviwe Kapteyn on Unsplash

Learning a new language has always been something I wanted to accomplish. In the 6th grade, I begged my parents to get me Rosetta Stone for Christmas so that I could learn French. Well, I used Rosetta Stone for a week and never touched it again, but that didn’t curb my passion. I would go on to take French for three years in high school, followed by three semesters of it in college, but I still have not become fluent.

What does this mean? Firstly, it goes to show that America is horrible at teaching its youth a second language…

Shaun King, courtesy of Black Entertainment Television

For those of you who title yourself an ‘activist’ in your bios, blurbs, posts and pics, I am offering you a friendly word of warning. But first I need you to know that I have a soft spot for you. And if your cause is even colorably altruistic I am rooting for you to succeed. I may even make an anonymous donation here and there if I can get away with it. Notwithstanding the rapidly rising floodwaters of cynicism we must wade through these days, my very first inclination is to give you the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, at…

Politics ● Government ● People, Immigrants, Wages ● Series: New & Improved

When All Else…

Key Points

  • Not everyone and everything can be saved from failure. At some point, the resources put in will have minimal to no results and must be curtailed.
  • Some people do not want assistance at all and must be allowed to live their life, no matter how much it hurts us. The right to failure needs to be enshrined in the Constitution.
  • Liberty — even to failure — must be protected at all costs, and we must always guard our liberties jealously.
Photo by Jonathan Rados on Unsplash

Is there a way to save America and ensure justice and freedom for all? …

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