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Technology, Lack of Action & Fate: How Do They Relate ?

I would like to begin by saying that I am a huge advocate for technology and the accessibility it has given the human family. On that note, in 2016, we have a plethora of information, opportunity, entertainment etc. available via the Internet, For most of us at our fingers tips with our cell phones especially in the western world. But with the option to obtain pretty much any item, ranging from knowledge to your weekly groceries or date night take out , does this feasibility have a psychological effect on our inner “drive”?

Without a doubt, there is a psychological influence being coerced upon us with the instantaneous nature of technology.

If you take a look at the overall culture and mindset of our society in America at least, the avocation of innovation has not been present in at least 40 years (If you consider the moon landing). Yes, we can marvel at the progression and impact of computers on society but that is still one area that has been drastically improved over the decades, mainly communication. As we know, the most highly-industrialized countries still use oil and fossil fuels as their main energy source. Not to make this an environmental protection “save the rain forests” kind of post, you cannot deny the obvious lack of evolution when it comes to energy technology. I don’t see billions of dollars going towards sustainable energy technology at minimum to begin powering major cities with solar panels for example. Something as simple as replacing a street lamp’s power source from the grid to a solar panel right on top collecting sun light all day.

The availability of technology is mostly used for wasteful media/entertainment consumption for example, Netflix users are accountable for 37.1% of downloaded web traffic in North America during prime-time hours according to a recent study by Canadian researcher Sandvine. The instantaneous nature of the internet creates a cycle of perpetual stimulation of dopamine release in our brains, as people aimlessly scroll their screens. The lack of action derives from the feasibility of technology. You want to get your food delivered ? No problem. Your favorites authors latest book came out today? Get an instant audio book online. We don’t even have to call a cab company anymore with Uber or Lyft, “the world is at our fingertips”. Our over-all perception of the world and the social mechanics as well as dynamics are being drastically redefined.

The collective mindset of our society, like any spoil child, is the expectation of gratification to be delivered with quickness and ease. No longer are we inspired to go out and head towards our dreams, instead just sit back and wait for it to show up like some savior in the clouds. The generations before us wouldn’t even begin to accept such a philosophy of life. When hungry they harvested crops and before that scavenged into forest for every meal. Most of us are no longer deprived of our essential needs to live life (food, shelter, safety) but lack the motivation/will to achieve higher. There are billions of people around the world right now and the countless whom lived before us that could only dreamed to live as the average person in the industrialized world. With the advantages of today should we not strive to experience a life greater than our ancestors? Why are we complacent with the redundancy of Monday — Friday and potential social events on the weekend? Paying little to no attention to the world and even less to our friends and families around us, we search for the next external stimulus for quick satisfaction.

Our scapegoat for the current predicament in our lives? The false idea of fate, the typical “it will happen when it’s supposed to or “what happens to me is out of my control” obviously there is a fabricated idea, where we as individuals do not contain the power to create and determine our reality with every thought. Nothing is farther from the truth.

I won’t try to convince you of this fact rather let you flirt with the idea that you’re in the driver seat. Start by envisioning your future, plan and prioritize the steps you need to take, then begin. Don’t fall into the temptations of complacency and wait for your dream life to show up at your door. “Live the life you want to live tomorrow, today” Try this exercise for at least a week and see where your power truly lies. (In self control!)

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