Getting our Purpose on TV

Keeping everyone at the company updated on our product roadmap is done in various ways at Percolate. This includes meetings, spreadsheets, release notes, and presentations. No surprises here I’m sure. These are all internal communications that are designed to be informative and help people best prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Recently we’ve been trying out a new way to keep people informed and help them position our products; we’ve been putting product releases on TV screens across our offices.

The most obvious thing to say here is people can’t miss these TV release notes. Whether you’re working in New York, San Francisco, London or Austin, our TV screens are now glowing orange and telling you about our latest and greatest. The screens are designed to be a helpful reminder of what’s new. They also deliver a form of subconscious training on how to position our products. We have coupled these product screens with testimonial quotes to create more awareness on how our clients are using Percolate. The bonus here is our clients and guests see the screens when they visit our offices. These big orange screens send out good messages; we are proud of the products we are building, and that we are a company that constantly ships new software.

The ‘Let’s get our product on TV Screens’ project is a collaboration between our product designers (design the software), brand designers (design the templates), product marketing (product messaging) and IT (who figured out how to make it happen). The screens are being rotated on a monthly basis. From an art direction perspective it’s the first time we’ve framed our product UI’s in devices against our orange. This boldness stands out well in the hustle and bustle of the offices. It also helped to set our brand fonts Futura and Sentinel at a huge point size.

The most important thing here though is not that we’ve figured out what to do with the TVs, it is that we are new finding ways to project our company purpose. We are a technology company building software that is transforming the way marketing teams operate. Our TVs are celebrating the hard work of our teams and reminding everyone of the value our technology provides our clients.

Now, if we could only just figure out a way to take over those screens at Times Square. I’ll get back to you on that.