Where DesignTalk Speakers get Coffee

When we host DesignTalk events we do a pre-event Q&A with our speakers. The final question is always “At Percolate, we’re pretty into coffee. What’s your favorite coffee shop in the city and why?”. I’ve been toying with putting together a visualization of all the recommendations, but, you know, time. I’m going to start here. A handy list for us.

So, Designers (educators, entrepreneurs) and coffee:

Shayna Kulik: I love Nourish Kitchen & Table in the West Village. They sell Counter Culture, which is one of my favorite coffee brands, along with the most delicious coconut macaroons. I’ve met a lot of interesting folks at the collaborative table in the back as well, which is always kind of cool and random.

David Lee: My local is probably The Smile in Tribeca, which is nested in the boutique Shinola. It’s a great spot with good, simple coffee and plenty of visual stimuli.

Noah Brier: In the neighborhood I really like Everyman Espresso. It’s small and they take their coffee seriously. In Brooklyn I’m partial to Hungry Ghost because they have Stumptown cold brew on tap. Yum.

Claire Mazur: The iced New Orleans style coffee at Blue Bottle is one of my favorite treats. I don’t normally put sugar in my coffee, but this one is slightly sweetened and it’s really perfect.

Sam Valenti: Our offices are in Greenpoint, which is bustling with good new shops. The Ghostly and Drip teams check out Spina and Ovenly: one has lovely plants and the other has sea salt cookies. Pick your poison.

Robert Lenne: I actually enjoy coffee at home the best. Just a Moka Pot on the stove.

Dong Ping Wong: We’re on Perry St in the West Village. We love Saturdays, on the corner. Mostly just cause everyone that works there is pretty awesome.

Nora Abousteit: ​I love Everyman Espresso because they steep the tea for you, for the right amount of time.​ I’m a passionate tea drinker hoping that tea will be the new coffee soon.

Nathan Helenie: There’s a small spot near my home in Greenpoint called Homecoming (formerly Spina). It’s a flower shop but they also serve Blue Bottle coffee, without the long lines.

Anne Foley: I always liked Irving Farm in Gramercy. It’s near my neighborhood and is located on the ground floor of a gramarcy brownstone nestled in between Bedford Cheese Shop andFriend of a Farmer Cafe. Good coffee. Nice block.

Rachel Nash: Mmm. I’d have to go with Brooklyn Roasting Company, for the buzzing atmosphere, the super comfy sofas, and that drink they call the maple shay shay — espresso, maple syrup, and steamed milk. Totally honest, I’m a sucker for maple syrup in anything.

Sougwen Chung: Oh, hmm — places and culinary sensations I found striking over the past little while… espresso and dessert at Omotesando in Shibuya, Tokyo, a Lebanese cardamom coffee at Ard Bia Cafe in Galway, and tea and snacks at Cha An in New York is a staple. I suppose some combinations of well crafted tastes and atmosphere just linger in the memory, y’know?

Kemp Attwood: Bakeri is at the top of my list for great coffee, amazing baked goods and a cozy atmosphere (there is a quiet garden in the back that is perfect for reading in warmer weather). Lately my colleagues have brought me back coffee from Re:union, and though I’ve never actually been there, the americano is perfect according to my palate.

Sveinung Skaalnes: My favorite coffee spot at the moment would be Charlotte Patisseriein Greenpoint. I don’t drink coffee but the pastries create a sugar, butter and cream party in my mouth every time.

Lee Simpson: As much as coffee is my lifeblood right now, I spend a lot less time in coffee shops these days. You’re more likely to find me in a hotel bar — somewhere quiet that has good cocktails. The bar at the Pierre Hotel is really good and the bartender there, Paul who makes the best Old Fashioned I’ve had in the city. Whenever I’m in London I go to The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy — the martinis are next level.

Tom Harman: I don’t drink a lot of coffee so I’m not the best person to ask, but while at SVA, Joe, across the street was always the best treat when I needed to get through a ton of work, the cookies there are great too.

Melissa Mandelbaum: I really love Everyman Espresso. There’s a location in SoHo and one by Union Square. The iced coffee is simply wonderful.

Sara Menefee: Coffee Bar in the Mission. Because they have my favourite coffee beans (Mr. Espresso), but also because the food is killer, and it’s a great place to work remotely.

Mark Junkunc : Sightglass coffee is arguably the most delicious cup of joe in the SOMA. It is located on Seventh and Folsom right around the corner from the previous agency I used to Creative Direct. I miss that smell. They do all their own in house roasting. The team would catch drift on their freshly browned beans and come running for cappuccinos daily.

The shop is great and so are the people. They have a great ambiance, music and aroma. The interior design is all hard wood and industrial textures. It makes you feel like you’ve entered the warehouse packaging plant. You comfortably take the centerstage as you place your order and the baristas play the vinyl while pressing your espressos. It’s a good place to catch a break and refresh your mind. Oh, and they have great branding too!

Courtney Klein: I’m not a coffee drinker (quelle horreur!) so in a city that loves its coffee, my refuge is Samovar Tea Lounge on Valencia.

Nitzan Hermon: Espresso at O Cafe at 12th Street and 6 Avenue. Strong, new world coffee.

Hannah Donovan: Saturdays NYC in SoHo! I love them for three reasons: the back garden is Manhattan’s best kept secret; the design in the shop is always inspiring; the baristas are rad. I have a Saturdays coffee canister I get them to refill with fresh grounds every week.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m serious. There’s nothing like a cheap cup of diner-style sludge. Oh baby.

Rachel Gogel: I’ve started going to Irving Farm Coffee on the Upper West Side lately. I also really dig Grounded on Jane Street. Grounded, I go to when I want to get out of uptown and just get off the map for a while — it has free wi-fi and is really cozy, I can work there for hours and the music is great. But I have to admit, I actually love ordering iced chais instead of coffee. I know, I’m weird.

Andrew Zolty: I just discovered the Vineapple Cafe in Brooklyn Heights. I’ve walked past it a thousand times and never even noticed it was there. It’s quiet, quaint, and hidden-ish.

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