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Why You Turn Up

You turn up because of the people around you.

You know, the ones with common interests and sense of ambition.

The ones who want to invent new things and do old things better.

The ones whose distortion of reality present challenges that stretch you.

The ones who give you freedom to do things differently.

The ones you trust not to drop the ball (there are no ball droppers here).

You even turn up for the ones who grate on you (they’re also brilliant).

You turn up because the people around you value what you do.

They believe in you and give you what you need.

Together you create something more than a job.

Don’t settle for anything less.




Thoughts from the design team shaping Percolate - The System of Record for Marketing.

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Dom Goodrum

Dom Goodrum

VP Design @ Let’s Do This 🏃🏊 🚴‍

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