Opening up open innovation!

Introducing Open Innovation Meetups to encourage open innovation approach in technology projects

The world is full of communities trying to respond to different needs and trying to bring doers and makers together around various topics. But let’s face it, there is no one who invites challenge-driven hackathon enthusiasts, problem solvers and groundbreaking visionaries across the board to share their wisdom with like-minded people.

Whether you’re oriented in business, software development or design, this community is something you definitely worth checking out. We are putting this together for you.

Motives for arranging meetups

Our ultimate goal is to make everyone’s work meaningful.

Developers and designers have caught up on to the fact that it’s hard for industry giants to create new, interesting products. That’s why it’s hard for corporations to hire the best talent. Instead, the most talented individuals seek small, more agile companies where their work really matters.

We, too, have had enough with the waterfall model and the old way of doing things. Since corporations have the resources and smaller companies have the vision, maybe there is something we could do to make both parties benefit?

The reason we’re putting together these meetups is simple: we’ve seen open innovation work in practice and now, we would like to convince you that it is the way to go. With a combined experience from hundreds of innovation challenges and dozens of pilot projects, we hope we can share some DO’s and DON’Ts we have learned the hard way, so you won’t have to.

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What do participants gain?

We encourage you to check your ways of working. How are you promoting the innovative culture at your company? Can you support your client to make better decisions or be more effective?

We aim to bring you the latest in open innovation: upcoming hacks, practical toolkits as well as newest research in the field.

This all aims to fulfill our ultimate goal: we want your work to matter. However, people are rarely able to bring this approach to a company all by themselves. And that is where the meetups come in. By meeting like-minded people, sharing thoughts and ideas you can make this community even more meaningful.

What are these meetups all about?

Open innovation meetups will be organized regularly starting in May 2018, with the next one just around the corner!. The themes and content will be different each time. Want to contribute? Shoot us a message!

So, this is what we bring to the table:

  • Latest publications and case studies behind open innovation
  • Best practices and lessons learned from pilot projects based on hackathon concepts
  • Practical toolkits and tools for success
  • A way to enter hackathons, hear about open innovation challenges and other relevant events
  • A network of people to connect and share your ideas with. We believe that ultimately, these encounters are the seeds for real, radical innovation

To make this all matter, we need your help! After all, no matter how much amazing content we produce, it’s all meaningless unless we have someone to share it with. That’s why we hope that you share this view of working. We warmly welcome you to this community.

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So, how can I join this fun?

Our first meetup will be held on May 15th at Maria 01. It’s open for anyone interested and we would be more than happy to see you there!

In the first event, we will start with a brief introduction to the topic of open innovation, how it is used to create novel ideas and why it’s so useful. We will then open a case example of how a open innovation supports founding of new companies and lastly, we will hear the takeaways from 30 pilot projects that have sprung from open innovation challenges run by Industryhack in 2017.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

See you at the meetup!

Remember to register for the event:

And please, join the fun on Facebook as well:

With love,

Industryhack & Perfektio

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