Credit: Pawel Kadysz

Mileage Matters: Episode 6

Our main topic of discussion this week was the rising interest in eSports and its future market potential for investors. Likewise, we talked about consumer attention spans in relation to television programming.

We also brought up some trends from the 2017 NVCA Yearbook that point to a geographical shift of where investments are happening in the venture capital industry.

Listen in below as we openly discuss the best opportunities of the week. We’ll see you next Friday.

Mileage Matters is recorded live at the start of every Drive Capital Partner meeting. We kick off our week with a discussion of the things that caught our attention over the past seven days. We’re going to begin sharing these musings in the form of a short podcast. Our goal is to give entrepreneurs a glimpse into how we think about the markets we cover (and more). We’d love to hear from you, and learn what’s catching your attention these days too. Let us know what you think on Twitter or drop us a line.