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Aug 6 · 2 min read
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As Performante, a few years ago we said “yes” to expand our portfolio of services.

And it’s been a beautiful, challenging shift ever since.

Today has come and we’re still on the “yes” side of things.

Why does this affirmative word mean a world to us?

Because it captures our mindset in the best possible way.

Through the course of those years, we’ve learned that the future is not a distant concept matching with “innovation”, “changes” and “unknown”. It’s something which, day by day, small step after small step, is happening here and now. We say yes to shaping this future every day. Yes to having a say in it. Because of the way we see it, the future is not just “happening” — to some extent we make it happen.

We’ve learned that there’s nothing certain in this world. The situation on the market is always dynamic. Saying yes doesn’t mean following all the trends and accepting the status quo. It means “yes”, we’re ready to react”. It shouts “yes” we’re here to bring on new ideas”. It seems we’ve been “agile” without calling ourselves that way.

We’ve also learned that we can’t be winners all the time. We say yes to the bumps on the road. It doesn’t turn us sour nor burned out. We quickly recover, because we say yes to understanding the rules of the industry we’re in. It’s sometimes harsh, always demanding, but at the end of the day — also very rewarding. And we say yes to the satisfaction with the good work. We say yes to big ideas and small starting-up concepts. We say yes to seeing the opportunity in different areas and yes to trying new things.

But most of all, we always, always say yes to the people who make the Performante we know and love. A vibrant, energetic place buzzing with ideas. There’s always yes to the initiatives and boldness. Yes to being yourself. Yes to the creative battles. Yes to the different opinions and voices. A big, loud yes to the steering career the way one wants.

And last but not least, to the laughter and fun.

Saying yes on our daily basis may come easily, but it’s not easy. On the contrary, it takes a lot of courage and stamina to say yes and dive in.

We may be a small agency, but in each small step, each “yes” along the way, there’s a bigger, greater future.

Do you want to have a say in it? Say yes to us.


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