Video in employer branding activities

Mar 26 · 3 min read

Recently, we’ve been talking about the overall impact of videos on the marketing industry, but now we would like to focus on the use of video in employer branding activities. Why are they so popular? And most importantly, why are they so useful?

The number of videos produced every day and used for marketing purposes is constantly growing. And to be quite honest there is nothing wrong with that because videos are one of the most efficient ways of communicating. That is why no one should be surprised that they are becoming a vital part of employer branding strategies for many companies. They can serve as a good explainer of what a certain company does, talk about internal activities and initiatives and be useful for recruitment purposes.

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It’s authentic

If it is only possible it is good when a company engages its own employees to participate in the creation of such videos. There are many ways it could be done — by inviting the employees to the process of preparing the scenario, gathering interesting insights from them to be later used in the video or even inviting them to participate as actors. There couldn’t be anything more authentic than that. And the fact that they are not professional actors makes it even more believable — all the laughs, slips of the tongue, stuttering — it is impossible to fake it and that allows for those videos to make a great connection with the viewer.

It’s more than words

Sometimes words are simply not enough. Of course, the most skillful copywriter will probably find several words to describe that the atmosphere in the company is inclusive, innovative or transparent, but sometimes what we need is a smile from the protagonist of the video. It goes even further — the shots showing how modern our office is will be way more convincing than the description of it.

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It doesn’t have to be expensive

If you have an unlimited budget for your employer branding activities, then you are a lucky one. But we all know how the reality looks like and not always the sky is the limit, and to be quite honest it is not a problem. Fortunately, nowadays it is technology that would enable us for the creation of great content. You can hire a professional video team, but you can also try to do it using your own resources — all that would limit you will be your creativity.

It gives you tons of possibilities

You can use a video for multiple purposes: you can show your company’s culture, present your employees, recruit or talk about values and important matters. The form of the video can be adjusted to your industry or the channels that you want to communicate in. There are many paths that you can take but the most important thing that you should have in mind while planning to start that journey is your EVP (Employer’s Value Proposition). Make sure that a video that you produce is in line with your values but also at the same time is attractive to the target group you want to reach.

How do we do it?

We have worked with many Clients on the production of their videos and it makes us believe that every company is as original as its… EVP. That is why it is so important to have a well-thought employer branding strategy and values that are not only true but also constant, attractive and making the company stand out in the crowd. Videos are definitely one of the best ways of communicating with possible candidates and are great to show any company’s values. That is why we not only recommend them to our Clients, but we use them as well for our own purposes. Do you want to see how we do it in Performante? Take a look at a video that we’ve created some time ago to show the world the culture that we share:


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