Before Smartphones, There was Earth, and our Farmhouse: How it all Began

It Starts at 6am, Before Coffee

It’s 6am and the sun is shining through the completely transparent, doily-style lace blinds. Day 4 in the Perfors Mansion has begun. My husband stands over me in his undies holding a wrench asking for my help. I’m about to discover the gushing water leak (which was my fault, a post for another day) in the only fully functioning full bathroom. You see, we went from 1000 or so square feet to 2,600. Did you know that 1,000 square feet worth of STUFF can fill 2,600? We just found that out. Another important detail — our beautiful new dream home was built in 1896.

Yep, before smartphones, there was Earth, and they even built houses back then. They also built wiring that liked to set on fire, plumbing that crumbled (in it’s defense, it has had shit running through it for over 100 years), and no air conditioning.

2015-06-17 06.32.16

But that’s ok! We love old stuff. We love the 120 year old doorknobs, and the teeny little secret staircase leading up to the full-height attic (where the fire-happy wiring lives). And don’t worry, we threw a smoke detector in the attic, so if the wires burn the house down, we’ll be able to get out in time to watch our beautiful farmhouse “mansion” light up in flames. All jokes aside, we’re getting the wiring fixed. Like, stat. We just found out 12 hours ago, and since then we also had to rip up the floor after water started gushing through 2 stories from the 120 year old claw foot tub.

It’s a Beautiful Old Victorian, Believe Me

But see, the picture likely created in your head may sound like a dump. This is NO dump. This place is beautiful. It’s laid out wonderfully, with gigantic windows, vaulted ceilings, a roomy kitchen, and a corner lot worth dying for in Denver, Colorado’s hot market. Oh, and it also has a random stand-alone shower built in to the master bedroom. No joke, JUST a shower. No toilet, no door, just step out of the glass shower door right back in to your carpeted room. Yes, we’re going to fix that too. But hey, first step, AIR CONDITIONING. Unpacking without AC was brutal. I’m not from Florida, I’m from Colorado. I blast AC anytime the temperature dares to creep up over 65.

2015-06-12 18.15.32 HDR-2

In our first 4 days here, we have had SO much fun. Never have I had to shout “Steve?” to my husband, hear no reply, then actually have to WONDER where he is. Could he be upstairs? Working on the attic wiring on the 3rd floor? Perhaps in the cellar? Or wandering the huge, tree-filled lot? Most likely, he is out tinkering in one of the 2 outbuildings (oh wait, 3 if you count the 2-story playhouse). Most likely in the 3-car garage, as opposed to the 1-car garage, 2 separate structures on our beloved lot.

Our Dream Home Just Got Real

You see, we are not new at home ownership. This is house #3 for us. But this house is different. This house is not a stepping stone. It is 2,600 square feet and nearly 4 stories of beautiful history and craftsmanship begging to be maintained by someone who appreciates it. Someone who would never dare get rid of a 120 year old claw foot tub just because the attached piping sprayed through the rotted wood around it, down through the 1st story, and even a few drops to the cellar. Someone who designs to maintain the historic value. And that’s what we will do. Give it the TLC it deserves, because we are home… now that we finally have Internet.

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