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All about PERI Finance — Extended Information

Since PERI Finance had the first IEO/IDO program in May 2021, we have been through tremendous achievements on the dApp development. And we also have received several questions about our project from communities. As a result, we decide to explain the overall details of PERI Finance project.

This article covers:

  • Project Summary of PERI Finance
  • Tokenomics and Utilities of PERI Token
  • Details of PERI Finance dApp

Overview of PERI Finance

PERI Finance is a Polkadot-based cross-chain innovative synthetic assets issuance and derivatives market protocol.

Users can access a wide range of both traditional financial and crypto assets in the form of synthetic and leveraged products through PERI Finance, such as synthetic assets, perpetual future swaps, etc.

Through adding Layer 2 with the OVM(Optimistic Virtual Machine) solution, we provide users with a lower GAS fee, speedy transactions, and robust security solutions from front-running or flash loan.

Our goal to users is making an opportunity to access a wide range of financial and crypto assets with various synthetic products, removing any difficult verification procedure on connecting to the finance sector.

Also, PERI Finance provides synthetic assets of high valued properties and assets through the Metaverse ecosystem. PERI DEX benefits users who want to take advantage of priceless assets on multi-Metaverse.

You can read more about our details in our White Paper.

PERI Token


PERI Finance’s token, $PERI is a utility token used to create a liquidity pool in the process of staking, generating the basic Pynths (PERI Synthetic assets) called pUSD. The staking dApp of PERI Finance is running on Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC mainnets, so users can stake their PERI/stablecoin/LP tokens and claim rewards.

This pUSD can exchange at other Pynths on our upcoming dApp, PERI.Exchange. Users can get an arbitrage profit through trading various Pynths on the dApp.

By the profit of pUSD through the Pynth trade, users can swap the pUSD token to PERI and re-stake it. This virtuous circle allows users to earn an additional profit and makes the growth of PERI Finance platform ecosystem.

PERI token is also a tool to be used for voting within PERI DAO, which will play a crucial role in the PERI Finance ecosystem. Any user can submit a community opinion proposal or vote on the PERI Improvement Proposals(PIP) page. The fee of a proposal is returned after it passes or fails.

Token Allocation Details

PERI Finance has allocated more than 40% of the overall supply for the staking rewards. As this graph details, PERI Finance recommends users participating in the staking program to get plenty amounts of token rewards.

PERI Token Vesting Schedule

PERI tokens are now vesting to various users through the vesting schedule below. Since the token distribution has started in May 2021, this vesting is scheduled for 52 weeks issuing 76,924.72 PERI every week. After 52 weeks of issuing, the vesting amount will decrease 1.25% per week, until the total supply reaches 20,000,000 PERI.

PERI Finance will keep allocating tokens to staking users/investors/advisors through the elaborately composited smart contract.


PERI Staking dApp

PERI staking dApp allows users to mint pUSD by staking PERI, USDC, DAI, and DEX LP tokens. Users can participate staking with their holding USDC and DAI stablecoin by PERI 80% : Stablecoin 20% ratio.

By staking tokens on PERI staking dApp, holders will receive regular staking rewards based on the vesting plan. These tokens are distributing to stakers based on their amounts of staking at the dApp. Users can also anticipate the inflation profit of PERI token prices.


PERI.Exchange is a Pynths decentralized exchange(DEX) where users can trade a variety of financial synthetic assets.

PERI.Exchange offers spot trading as well as perpetual contract exchange, and users can invest Pynths for long or short positions with up to 20x leverage.

These kinds of Pynths will be included such as a synthesized blockchain asset (pBTC, pETH, pBNB, etc), stocks(pTSLA, pGOOGL, pAMZN, etc), commodities (pXAU, pXAG, pWTI, etc.), inverse products(iBTC, iETH, iTSLA, iXAU, etc).

PERI Finance will also provide to trade NFT products and Metaverse properties on trading dApp. Users can issue and trade various projects’ Metaverse properties Pynths on PERI.Exchange, without any fundamental asset.

Stay Tuned for Next Things

PERI Finance will keep developing for the upcoming DEX dApp: the simple and safe trading platform with less cost. Please check and follow our various communication channels and stay tuned for upcoming news!

Website | Twitter | Telegram(Global) | Telegram(Announcement)
WeChat(Chinese) | Telegram(Korean) | Discord | Reddit |




PERI Finance is a decentralized cross-chain synthetic issuance and derivative exchange protocol that provides unlimited liquidity

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PERI Finance

PERI Finance

PERI Finance is a decentralized cross-chain synthetic issuance and derivative exchange protocol that provides unlimited liquidity

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