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How To Join The PERI IEO On!

Welcome to PERI Finance! instructions on how you can participate in the PERI IEO have been listed below for your convenience!

What is an IEO?

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is equivalent to an Initial Public Offering(IPO) for the blockchain markets. It’ll give an opportunity for the public to participate in cryptocurrency’s value changes. Because it’s operated on a centralized exchange that regulates listings with strict rules, it’s become a popular way of raising funds among many blockchain projects. With the transparency and accessibility offered by IEOs, anyone can invest and enjoy the growth of promising projects in returns.

PERI Finance is a leading Defi project that offers a decentralized synthetic asset issuance and derivatives exchange that provides unlimited liquidity.

💥 We are thrilled to partner with, one of the reliable crypto-asset exchanges, and are going public to share our development and growth! It will start on the 10th of May 2021 @ 2 PM UTC.

How to participate?

✅ Check out our website for relevant information (project roadmaps, governance, and blueprint, etc.)
✅ Complete Identity Verification on (KYC1).
✅ Make sure you’ve got the supported payment crypto pairs in your exchange account to trade PERI.
✅ Place the order when the token sale starts.

Don’t forget to follow up on our updates through our various channels below!

✔️Official Website:
✔️Telegram Channel:
✔️Announcement Channel:
✔️ Twitter:
✔️ Medium:
✔️ Discord:
✔️ LinkedIn:

Pynths team members will NEVER DM you first on any platform. There are multiple fake Pynths tokens out there. Do NOT attempt to search and buy Pynths token before an official listing announcement.



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Pynths Protocol is developing 'PERI Finance', a decentralized cross-chain synthetic issuance and derivative exchange and 'NEND', an NFT monetization platform