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Introducing PERI Finance Referral Program

Welcome PERI Finance supporters! We are thrilled to open our DEX soon.
To celebrate this milestone, we are about to launch our Twitter and Telegram Referral Program!

Since we have opened the Staking dApp on multiple networks, our community gathered more than 20k on Twitter, 9k on Telegram users. And today, we’re about to announce another community build program with this referral program.

At this moment, we are introducing Telegram Referral Program, dedicated to reward those who retweeted this program, followed our Telegram, and invited referrers and referries.

At the end of the program we will gather all referral answers and distribute rewards by rank:

  • 1st recipient: 1,000 PERI
  • 2nd~10th recipient: 100 PERI

If your friends filled the referral form for the recommender, both you and your friend will get 1 PERI each!

For example, if you share our survey link with a friend and he or she filled it, you will receive 1 PERI a each for every friend who joins our Telegram and Twitter channel. To make it even sweeter, the referrie — your friend who joins our Telegram through your referral link, will also receive 1 PERI!

Referries also can invite other referries by sharing a Tweet link. The referral program will proceed from 12th November to 10th December.(01:00 UTC)

How to participate

Step 1. Follow PERI Finance Twitter and Telegram(link below)

Step 2. Like, Retweet the referral program tweet and reply to 3+ members.

Step 3. Register your info on the Google Survey page:

** For existing users on Twitter and Telegram channel, please register your info here:


  • Users should keep following at Twitter and Telegram(PERI_Global) group until the event ends.
  • Rewards will distribute after the event ends(about 20th December).
  • Malicious submits (submit multiple times, exit and re-entering Telegram room) could be excluded from the reward recipient.
  • Users should have their username on the Telegram account.
  • The referral program will finish until the 1month after the event starts or referred members reach 2k users.


PERI Finance referral program gives you a special opportunity to earn additional tokens for yourself and your friends.

What are you waiting for? Share the Twitter link and join us!

Follow PERI Finance’s communities for stay up-to-date additional news!

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