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Monthly PERI MEME Contest!

We are thrilled to announce the1st Monthly Peri Meme Contest, celebrating Peri DEX launch in April.

1st place: 5MOVR + 100PERI
2nd place: 1MOVR + 100PERI
3rd place: 1MOVR + 100PERI
4th place: 1MOVR + 100PERI
5th place: 1MOVR + 100PERI
Supporters: 1MOVR + 100PERI

When: April 8th ~ April 22nd

Where: PERI_GLOBAL telegram chatroom

How to participate in PERI’s 1st monthly MEME CONTEST?

  1. Join PERI_GLOBAL telegram chatroom
  2. Make a MEME about PERI with the word “PERI” or PERI logo on it.
  3. Share your meme with PERI members.
  4. Repeat as many times as you want.
  5. Wait for the supporters’ reactions to win the prize.
  1. Join PERI_GLOBAL telegram chatroom
  2. Sit back and enjoy PERI MEMEs.
  3. Leave a reaction to your favorite MEMEs in the chatroom.
  4. Wait for a chance to become one of the lucky supporters who win 1MOVR or 100PERI at the end of the competition!


  • We’ll accept the submissions until 23:59 UTC, 22nd April, 2022.
  • Multiple entries are welcomed!
  • NO NSFW MEMES, please keep family-friendly.
  • Once submitted MEMEs are to be shared freely without copyright.
  • Prizes will be awarded to MEMEs with the most number of positive reactions in the chatroom.
  • PERI supporters who leave reactions to the winning MEMEs will be randomly selected and awarded PERI tokens!

If you have any question about the contest, come ask us in our telegram chatroom!

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