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PERI Finance Enters the Duckpond with the DuckDAO IDO!

As cryptocurrencies continue to reach new all-time highs, the two niches that have had true interstellar growth this season have been pre-sales/IDOs (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings) and DeFi projects. While we’re now largely accustomed to most DeFi applications, DeFi pre-sales or IDOs are one of the hottest crazes that have yielded well beyond 50x in profit returns for investors.

Today we are happy to announce that PERI Finance will be collaborating with the DeFi crowed funding juggernaut DuckDAO in its popular Duck Starter IDO campaign.

What is PERI Finance?

PERI Finance is a decentralized, cross-chain synthetic issuance and derivative exchange protocol that provides unlimited liquidity on the Polkadot network. The PERI Finance protocol provides access to a wide range of both traditional financial and crypto assets in the forms of leveraged and none-leveraged synthetic products. With PERI Finance user trades are empowered with perks such as lower GAS fees, speedy transactions, and ample security from front-running or flash loans.¹

What is DuckDAO?

DuckDao is a community-focused launchpad and fundraising service that prides its self on being a decentralized VC platform. As a four-year veteran in crypto, DuckDao has helped fund over four hundred projects including recently hyped projects of Geeq, Mantra DAO, DIA, and Bondly. Through DuckDao, projects get connections to a plethora of marketing services making sure promising projects get the exposure they need to succeed. Top crypto influencers such as “Boxmining” and “Ivan On Tech” are some of the partners working alongside DuckDao to support legitimate cryptocurrency projects. The DuckDao experience of course isn’t complete without its market-making and fundraising services to help kickstart a project’s introduction to the market.

With a diverse range of services, DuckDao’s philosophy keeps the funding process decentralized and champions the power of the crypto community, just as crypto was intended. Simply put, DuckDaos take on fundraising is to keep decentralized finance community focused and in the hands of the people.


Given the sheer tech, team, and innovation behind the PERI platform, it is no surprise that PERI Finance will be working with one of DeFi’s very best DeFi focused VCs. DuckDao and its DuckStarter campaign prides its self on working with the highest quality early-stage projects in crypto. Together with our amazing partners at DuckDao, we will be able to offer an exclusive trading platform that eliminates much of the issues facing exchanges face today.

DuckStarter Whitelist details:
Open: 3rd May
Close: 8th May @ 3 pm UTC
Public offering: 10th May @ 2 pm UTC

Pynths team members will NEVER DM you first on any platform!! There are multiple fake Pynths tokens out there. Do NOT attempt to search and buy Pynths token before an official listing announcement.

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