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PERI Finance Launches its 2nd IDO With KickPad!

April was packed full of excitement for us as we successfully maxed out our strategic and private sale rounds with a number of valuable partners. Adding to the excitement was our announcement of our IDO/IEO partners DuckDao and

May is the start of another wave of excitement! To start the month off strong we are happy to announce our second launchpad IDO partner KickPad!

What is PERI Finance?

PERI Finance is a decentralized, cross-chain synthetic issuance and derivative exchange protocol that provides unlimited liquidity on the Polkadot network. The PERI Finance protocol provides access to a wide range of both traditional financial and crypto assets in the forms of leveraged and none-leveraged synthetic products. With PERI Finance user trades are empowered with perks such as lower GAS fees, speedy transactions, and ample security from front-running or flash loans.¹

What is KickPad?

KickPad is an IDO Launchpad and incubator whose mission is to democratize IDO launch possibilities for the average investor, not just large VCs. Its IDO Launchpad helps to support promising crypto projects in all aspects such as marketing, go-to-market strategies, and technical advice, and assistance. Overall, KickPad’s goal is to minimize rug pulls, maximize security, and primarily creating a better Defi experience for the people.²

PERI Finance’s IDO partnership with KickPad comes as no surprise as Kickpad’s reputation for choosing high-quality projects has been its primary tenet since its inception. With the help of KickPad and other IDO partners such as DuckDao, PERI Finance will deliver a world-class asset exchange that will change the game for all crypto investors, traders, and DeFi fans.

Want more? Check out our IDO announcement with DuckDao!

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