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PERI Finance Officially Launched Staking dApp on BSC Mainnet

If you are looking for crypto industry trend in the first half of 2021, Binance Smart Chain(BSC) is the true winner of this bull season as its popularity skyrocketed to new highs, even overshadowing the Ethereum network in terms of transaction volume. The Binance Smart Chain became an obvious choice for ERC-20 traders and DeFi operators at the peak of the Ethereum gas fee problem. BSC offered the same functionalities with a faster transaction processing rate and a much cheaper gas fee.

For these reasons, we are pleased to announce that PERI Finance staking dApp has officially launched on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) Mainnet. PERI staking dApp now allowing the BEP-20 based PERI holders to stake their PERI from 8th August 2021. PERI users can access staking dApp with same dApp address with their BSC wallet.

Also, we have opened the liquidity rewards program for $PERI token for Pancakeswap LP(Liquidity Pool) providers. PERI Finance liquidity providers will earn a percentage share of the pool that users’ provided liquidity.

Notes for BEP-20 Based PERI Holders

For using staking dApp, PERI users should set their wallet on BSC mainnet. Please make sure your wallet is connected with dApp’s ‘Connect’ sign.

If you’re using Metamask, please check Networks — Smart Chain on the Uniswap.

For users who haven’t set their Metamask wallet yet, please check the guide below:

Details of Binance Smart Chain

BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is a platform that gives developers the opportunity to build their own dApps using smart contracts; BSC is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and can therefore run dApps over from Ethereum, meaning greatly expanded functionality through interoperability.

Binance Smart Chain runs in parallel with Binance Chain, one of the world’s most popular centralized exchanges, and mirrors the low transaction fees and fast execution times that Binance is well known for. The native token used for transactions on Binance, BNB, is also used on Binance Smart Chain’s decentralized exchange PancakeSwap as the main trading pair asset as well as for liquidity providing and staking functionality.

The BSC ecosystem has grown exponentially in recent months, and PancakeSwap at one point overtook Uniswap in terms of liquidity, now sitting third in terms of trading volume.

About PERI Finance

PERI Finance is an innovative synthetics issuance and derivatives market that utilizes blockchain technology to supercharge trades through its protocol.

PERI Finance allows accessing a wide range of both traditional financial and crypto assets in the form of leverage and non-leverage synthetic products. We empower users with the lower GAS fee, speedy transaction, and ample security from front-running or flash loan.

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PERI Finance

PERI Finance

PERI Finance is a decentralized cross-chain synthetic issuance and derivative exchange protocol that provides unlimited liquidity