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PERI Finance Pynths Trading DEX Launched on Moonriver Network

We’re thrilled to announce that Pynths DEX dApp is now open on Moonriver mainnet!

PERI Finance’s DEX provides traders a seamless environment to trade its assets, whichcan be minted by staking PERI tokens on PERI’s staking dApp. The DEX also benefits PERI stakers by distributing DEX trading fees to them. PERI’s DEX dApp precisely traces its decentralized mirrored crypto assets using Chainlink Price Feeds.

While no other projects have been able to succeed in the cross-chain synthetic asset dApp yet, PERI Finance DEX came up with a solution for the cross-chain based synthetic asset DEX service for the first time in the history of Defi world.

Services Provided by PERI Synthetic Assets DEX dApp

Pynths(PERI Synthetic assets) Trading

Users can trade Pynths with pUSD stablecoin minted from PERI staking dApp. PERI Finance supports more than 20 distinct Pynths on DEX dApp, including pUSD, pBTC, pETH, pBNB, pEUR and more. PERI finance provides a wide range of mirrored financial assets to be traded with pUSD, facilitating trades compared to trading traditional assets.

Cross-chain Pynths Bridge

PERI Finance provides its users a cross-chain bridge from and to Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Moonriver on the DEX platform. The bridge enables PERI holders to effortlessly access DEX on Moonriver with their staked assets on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon networks.

Pynths Asset Overview

Pynths trading history is recorded on the assets page. Assets page includes users’ current Pynths asset value and overall trade histories, making it easy for the users to keep track of their trading activity.

Next Steps

Following the DEX launch will be an addition of a perpetual futures swap function for PERI DEX users later in the second half of this year. PERI DEX users will be able to enjoy leverage trading up to 20x on top of synthetic asset trades, attracting many more DEX users in the DeFi space. Along the journey, Chainlink will play as a very important partner in building price feeds for PERI’s dApp.

(Images on DEX could be altered on the official update)

The pioneer of cross-chain based DEX project

PERI Finance aims to be the best in the market with its promises

PERI finance proved itself by finding a solution for the cross-chain based synthetic asset DEX service with its low gas fee. In addition, PERI Finance promises a more accessible decentralized synthetic asset trading platform for all DeFi users with its integration on the Moonriver network.

Visit Our brand-new launched DEX dApp!



PERI Finance is a decentralized cross-chain synthetic issuance and derivative exchange protocol that provides unlimited liquidity

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