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PERI Finance Will About to Finalize the 2nd Round Of Fund Raising After the Successful Seed Investment

PERI Finance, a DeFi platform aspired to transform the DeFi space is about to finalize its successful 2nd round fund raising.

PERI Finance is a decentralized cross-chain synthetic asset issuance and derivative exchange protocol that provides unlimited liquidity on Polkadot network. It facilitates for users to stake PERI, USDC, and NFT, and offers the opportunity of on/off chain and traditional finance/non-financial assets’ , value fluctuation; NFT fractional, e-sports, artwork likes. PERI Finance will solve current issues of other Defi projects like high gas fee, slow transaction spee, and various attach like front running and flesh loan.

Peri Finance’s seed investment was successfully finished within 2 days from offering, and it expects the 2nd round to close farily soon.
Gareth Bowls, a co-founder of PERI Finance said “Leading the quantum jump of the crypto asset ecosystem, PERI Finance is thrilled to grow with the DeFi’s rapid progress” He also mentioned “With leading Venture Capitals and partners, PERI Finance will conduce to successful decentralized finance innovation”.

PERI Finance’s seed investment was led by LD Capital, PrivCode, OneBlock, Ruby Capital, Dasheng Capital, Momentum 6, and so on. The 2nd round of fund raising will be closed on 30th, April.

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