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Results — April PERI MEME Contest

Before we start announcing the winners, we’d like to thank all the PERI supporters out there for creating more than 200 PERI MEMEs to share with the community during the 2 weeks of contest period! Based on our community supporters reactions to the MEMEs and the team’s authenticity check, we are announcing top 5 winners of the contest.

1st place (87 reactions): 5MOVR + 100PERI


2nd Place (64 reactions): 1MOVR + 100PERI


3rd Place (59 reactions): 1MOVR + 100PERI


4th Place (21 reactions): 1MOVR + 100PERI


5th Place (17 reactions): 1MOVR + 100PERI


Best Supporters

0.5 MOVR each: @CrypNhuel, @iMrealRAJ
100 PERI: @GioCzar


  • The winners were selected based on the reaction counts from PERI supporters in the global chatroom
  • Reactions from users who are not in the chatroom were nullified
  • Best supporters were selected based on the number of reactions that they casted on others’ MEME submissions
  • We will reach out to the winners via telegram to award prizes within a week

Congrats to all meme contest winners! Stay tuned for the next contest!



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PERI Finance

PERI Finance

PERI Finance is a decentralized cross-chain synthetic issuance and derivative exchange protocol that provides unlimited liquidity