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Rewards announcement — PERI Finance Referral Program

Dear PERI Finance supporters:

Thank you so much for the tremendous support on PERI Finance’s referral program event! Many new users and crypto-supporters have joined our communication channel through this event, including Twitter and Telegram channel.

Here’s 1st to 10th referral winners for this program:


(Sorted by telegram username)

1st: @trickysharmaji
— 1,000 PERI + additional PERI tokens per referred user

2nd~10th: @Rehan91356, @NunuHoang2212, @jodohsaya, @nhsingh88, @honestearn2, @ollarvesm, @maxall11, @recundal, @phocsoc12, @Babysundari, @dinhnk2021, @rey0222
— 100 PERI + additional PERI tokens per referred user
(There were 4 users tied on the 10th price, and we decided to distribute rewards to all tied users!)

Other appropriate new users who submitted at the event will also get 1 PERI token within this week.

PERI Finance will continuously hold various events for users, so please keep staying tuned from PERI Finance’s communication channels!

Congrats to all new users and winners!



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