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Browser Extensions for Grocery Delivery Timeslots Bring New Risks to Consumers

Cutting the Line for Online Grocery Delivery May Not Save You Time

What You Need to Know About Extensions and Scripts

How to Prevent Browser Malware

  • Check their popularity, including number of users and reviews. Any extension with only a few hundred users, and few or no reviews, should be considered suspicious.
  • Pay close attention to the permissions an extension requests. If it requires any privileged access, such as to read or change data, or access to a broad set of sites you visit, it might be best to pass.
  • If you are using Chrome, consider setting up a new “identity” for unsafe browsing, which can be found under the “People” setting. The way Chrome implements identities is similar to different users, meaning that one identity will have no access to the personal information tied to your main Chrome identity, keeping safe your browsing history, passwords and auto-fill information you store on the main identity. If you need to install an untrusted extension, we recommend installing it under an identity that is different from your main one, and then be very selective about the information you provide when browsing with it. This is a much easier way to browse safely that does not require setting up a whole new OS user, or running it in a separate VM.
  • Firefox identities are called profiles, and can be managed through the Profile Manager.
  • If you don’t understand the scripting language and cannot verify the author and how trustworthy the author is, do not run the script.
  • If you understand the scripting language, review the script carefully and verify that it does not access file system resources or make any unneeded network calls.



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