5 Broadcasters You Should Be Watching This Week

Welcome to our new monthly blog post, where we highlight five new broadcasters you should be watching on Periscope!

1. @cellominork
Keenan Winkler will make you wonder “what am I doing with my life?” Although only 11 years old (about to turn 12!), Keenan’s skills on the cello will blow you away. If you are a fan of classical sounds and kids that are talented beyond their years, check out Keenan’s broadcasts.

2. @AbidanPaulShah
Abidan is an adjunct professor of Greek and PhD candidate. He takes you on breathtaking tours of Greece while giving you meaningful insight into the history that surrounds him. When he is home, he takes you behind the scenes of his local congregation. If you have wanderlust or want the feeling of attending the most interesting college class ever, tune in the next time Abidan goes live.

3. @MiriamBauman
Miriam is a passionate Australian who shares her world with you. From taking you inside an Aboriginal community in northern Australia, to visiting farmers’ markets, Mariam gives you an incredible insider’s perspective on culture in Australia. Always wanted to travel to Australia? Save a bit on the ticket price and travel through Mariam’s eyes.

4. @sarahpmakeup
Sarah show us that makeup is truly art in her short but sweet broadcasts. The looks Sarah is able to create on herself are breathtaking. She turns her face into a canvas and allows the viewers to examine her work live. If you can’t get enough of makeup tutorials and have always dreamed of becoming a master makeup artist, Sarah’s broadcasts are a must-watch.

5. @angieeisenbach
2017 has been a bit rough for the world, and the only thing that can truly make it better is baby goats. Angie is doing her part by giving us the the goats we need and deserve. Trust us, you won’t regret tuning in.