Last Month in Periscope

The last month in Periscope has been incredible. We are continually amazed, and thankful to broadcasters around the world for bringing us to places we have never been before. The world of Periscope is exciting and often surprising. In the last month we celebrated with you, traveled across the globe, and sat patiently, watching newsworthy events unfold in front of our eyes. We wanted to share some of our favorite moments.

This week Coleen Baik with the Women Cross DMZ peace movement took us inside North Korea. From Coleen’s perspective, we were able to drive through the streets of North Korea, passing by landmarks and eventually joining Gloria Steinem’s peace delegations.

Coleen Baik’s “On our way to meet with the Korean Women at People’s Palace of Culture #womencrossdmz2015”

We sat with the rest of the world and watched the events in Baltimore unfold. Thank you to Paul Lewis and Jay Korff for including us in conversations with local Baltimore residents.

Jay Kroff’s “Car fire Baltimore during riots. @abc7news”

And as news of the earthquake spread, Nick Garnett shared with us the devastation faced by the remote Nepalese villages of Sipaghat, Sindhupalchok, and others. Mark Stone took us to witness a hospital in Western Kathmandu, where some patients were too frightened to be treated inside the hospital for fear of another tremor.

When Christie’s began broadcasting from their latest auction, we were delighted to see works from artists such as Mark Rothko, Jeff Koons, Alberto Giacometti, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Cy Twombly, Jean-Michel Basiquiat, Andy Warhol, and Wassily Kandinsky. Over 200 people watched live as Christie’s set a record $179.3 million for any work at auction with Picasso’s The Women of Algiers (Version ‘O’), 1955.

Pablo Picasso, Les femmes d’Alger (Version ‘O’), 1955.

We attended the Venice Biennale with Hans Ulrich Obrist, who brought us in close contact with contemporary performers, installation artists, poets and sculptors.

Hans Ulrich Obrist’s “Jimmie Durham” (sculptor, essayist, poet and activist)

We celebrated with Rory McIlroy after his 11th PGA Tour win, got an inside look from Ian Poulter on how he prepares for each round and even watched Roger Federer and Benoît Paire practicing at Roland Garros.

1. Rory McIlroy, “Untitled” 2. Ian Poulter’s “Trying periscope again. Sorry folks still new to this broadcast thing.” 3. Roland Garros’s “Practice w/ @rogerfederer & @benoitpaire #RG15”

As always, our broadcasters allowed us to travel around the globe with them. We sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon with Nick Danger, walked through the streets of NYC with Jeremy Cowart, and spent time in Rome getting to know the city from our spirited denizen, Giulio Base.

1. Jeremy Cowart’s “Portraits in Time Square: My iPhone is now mounted to my Canon 5DS.” 2. Nick Danger’s “Grand Canyon (secret spot on the rim). Must see if you like nature.” 3. Giulio Base “Rome: I love walk my life through beauty in the sunset over the eternal city.”

We also went backstage with The Rolling Stones, behind the scenes with Oprah, and caught Hillary Clinton answering her first press questions since announcing her Presidential candidacy with Gabriel Debenedetti.

Thank you again to everyone who has allowed us to take a glimpse into their world. We know this is such a small sample of all the incredible moments being shared around the world, and we can’t wait to see where you will take us next…

Much Love,
Team Periscope