Web Profiles for Periscopers

Periscope web profiles are finally here! Go to periscope.tv/username to see all the recent broadcasts for any Periscoper. If Sam Sheffer is live, you’ll never again have to scramble to find the link to his broadcast. You can just go to periscope.tv/SamSheffer. We think it’s really important for broadcasters to have a home on the web, and today’s launch is just the beginning.

Below are a selection of fantastic broadcasters. Make sure to check out their profiles to see recent broadcasts:

AJ+ took us along with refugees crossing the Austria-Germany border, and they showed us the fire evacuation center in Clearlake, California during #ValleyFire. What we love about AJ+ is that they are leveraging their network of global reporters to bring us coverage from multiple areas all under the same Periscope channel.

Funny or Die is guaranteed to make you laugh. Dash, John and Troy are the perfect trio. We’ve played Monopoly together, made prank calls to people named Tom Brady in the Yellow Pages, and survived the rain in LA.

Warning: following Zagat might make you hungry! Zagat highlights some of the very best food and drink from around the world. In the last week, we’ve made cornbread ice cream sundaes at Oddfellows in Brooklyn, caught lobsters in Maine, and even gone behind the scenes at The Noble Experiment Rum Distillery.

Mitch Oates goes surfing in Australia every morning and brings his Periscope viewers along with him. If you’ve ever thought about escaping for a moment and catching some 🏄, Mitch is your guy.

Mark Stone is a reporter with Sky News. He’s been on the ground covering the refugee crisis in the Middle East. Watching his journey first-hand has been incredibly powerful and educational.

Share your new Periscope profile with your friends so they know where to find you when you go LIVE. Happy Scoping!