You Are Getting Very Thirsty…

In 1947, the Negroni was still relatively unknown in the United States. Orson Welles tried the apéritif in Rome while filming Black Magic, a now-obscure picture adapted from an Alexandre Dumas novel about a hypnotist who chooses the dark side. “The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you,” he wrote in a letter to a newspaper back home. “They balance each other.”

The Negroni is now recognized as a cocktail classic, and fans will find an excellent how-to below from celeb chef Scott Conant. Following up is a full-course meal of some of our favorite foodie Periscopes: More drinks, extremely healthy food, extremely unhealthy food, dessert and a bonus from food bible Zagat for chocolate lovers.

Cocktail hour

Make something healthy…

… or not.

Either way, make sure you keep room for dessert.

Still hungry? Join Zagat for a decadent dive into chocolate.