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Hey, I’m Charles: Senior QA Engineer at Perlego

Read my interview 👇 to learn more about me & my role at Perlego.

Where are you from and what did you do before joining Perlego?

“I’m originally from London, UK, and I previously worked for a big fashion retailer (ASOS) as a QA consultant for about two years.”

What were you looking for in a role before joining Perlego?

“After working for a big company and enterprise products, I wanted a new challenge. I always wanted to work for a startup company, so that was one reason. The other was working in a fast-paced environment that encourages growth, teamwork, and learning simultaneously.”

How would you describe your role at Perlego to a friend vs How you would describe it to your 5-year-old self?

To my friend: “So you see, sometimes when you go to your favourite website, some things might look out of place or some of the buttons are not working? I make sure I catch those issues, working with developers to ensure we release the best product possible.”

5-year-old self: “So pretend you are going to give a toy to your best friend. But before you do that, you want to make sure you will make your friend happy. So you list what your friend likes (i.e. your friend likes brown teddy bears with soft fur). You check the teddy bear is brown with soft fur. Then you give it to your friend.”

What does your average week look like?

“I work in the Partner squad, and I have daily standups with the team updating them on all the test work I’ve done. At the start of the week, I usually sync up with all the QAs, and we set the week’s priorities across all the teams. Later down the week, I monitor and maintain the automated test suite, (We use Cypress, a fantastic Front-end testing tool) reporting any issues that may arise for the engineering team. Once a new feature is ready to be tested, I spend some time with the Product Owner and the Team Lead to check if the feature works as expected.”

Cypress Automated Testing Screen
Automated Testing using Cypress

What part of your job gets you the most excited?

“I love building testing automation tools here. It makes my and other colleagues’ lives easier as we can automate repetitive testing tasks and use that as a benchmark whenever we deploy new features or changes on the platform. I spent a lot of time researching new plugins, tooling, and testing best practices that helped my team during the testing phase of development.”

What’s the most challenging part of your role?

“I’d say dealing with developers when it comes to communicating issues across the platform. QA engineers are not only responsible for the quality of the platform…it’s a team effort. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge getting across an issue that I found to the developer without any pushback, but it’s something that my team is working on to improve.”

How has your work changed since starting at Perlego?

“Over the past year and a half that I’ve been at Perlego, I started taking on more responsibilities. I worked with multiple teams and released some very cool features that I’m proud of. I’m also responsible for all the test automation framework maintenance across the platform, which is a massive job, but incredibly rewarding.”

What’s been the biggest learning about yourself since being at Perlego?

“It was being resilient and self-belief. Working at a fast-paced startup has its ups and downs, and as a QA engineer, the role is full of challenges and learnings. Whatever problem I came across, I could find a solution even if I didn’t know how to approach it. I would spend some time researching and finding the appropriate action. That, combined with believing in myself, proved very effective here, and I grew into my role at a swift pace.”

Want to improve your soft skills and become a QA like me? Here are some books that might help you:

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If you are interested in joining our team, checkout out our job openings 👀



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