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Insider Tips: How to Prepare for Your Interview at Perlego

Congrats! You’ve scored yourself an interview for a career at Perlego… now what?

How to prepare for your first interview

1. Check out our product

Perlego is a mission-driven, product-first business — no matter what role you’re interviewing for an understanding of both how the product works and how we’re helping students is a must. So play around on both our web app and our mobile app (you’ll be amazed at how many people don’t do this prior to the first stage).


Bonus points for any comments or suggestions on product improvements highlighted through the interview process

Someone exploring the Perlego app
Perlego app
Perlego website

2. Learn about our culture

Culture is consistently voted as one of the top 3 most loved reasons for working at Perlego, so if you’re like us finding the right fit is incredibly important in selecting your next role.

  1. How we work — the environment we curate for our team to thrive
  2. How we interact — how we collaborate and celebrate together


3. Be yourself

Interviews can be stressful for many reasons, but trying to be someone you’re not shouldn’t be one of them.


  • Be yourself 🙂

The interview process: what to expect

We are committed to creating a fair and inclusive interview process, so we like to keep it as streamline and light-touch as possible. Our process usually happens in 4 steps:

☎️ Step 1 — Short Zoom interview with our Talent Team

Who is it with?

The first phone call is usually led by our amazing Talent Team

How long does it take?

Approximately 30mins — however sometimes this can be longer depending on the role.

What’s the goal?

  1. To help you learn more about Perlego & the role
  2. Help us better understand your skills and experience

💬 Step 2 — Zoom interview with the manager

Who is it with?

Usually, this will be led by the manager of the role, however, depending on availability this could be a peer from the team instead.

How long does it take?

Approximately 30–45mins

What’s the goal?

  1. To help us get a deeper understanding of your technical skills and experience → we usually ask more situational and technical questions, asking you to dig deeper into your past experiences that are relevant to the role
  2. Help us understand what you’re looking for in your next role and how we can help you grow
  3. Opportunity for you to ask any questions directly to the manager you’ll be working with

✏️ Step 3 — Case-study / Task stage

For all our roles we do a case-study or practical task so we can see your capabilities in action. We believe this is important as interviews aren’t always the best format to assess your skills, this helps us to get a more well-rounded view of how you’ll approach the role. (You can read more about our thoughts on why we do this for Design roles as an example here).

Who is it with?

Just you.

How long does it take?

We try to build all our practical tasks to be completed within a few hours.

What’s the goal?

See your real capabilities in action 🙂

📣 Step 4 — Final interview with the team

Who is it with?

This will change depending on the role, but usually, it’s between 3–4 people in the Perlego team;

  • A team member you’ll be working with
  • One of our senior management team members
  • Someone from our culture crew (a handful of cross-functional Perlego team members who are champions of our culture)

How long does it take?

Approximately 1 hour

What’s the goal?

  1. The opportunity for you to talk through and explain your task, how you approached it, challenges you had, etc.
  2. The opportunity for the team to meet you and have an open discussion. This will be a mixture of questions on your past experience, your approach to the task, what you’re most excited about in the role, etc.
  3. Most importantly, the opportunity for you to interview us! Ask us any questions you like, we want to ensure we’re the right fit for you too

🥳 Step 5 — Get an offer and join us at Perlego



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