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What to expect in your first 2 weeks at Perlego

Recollections, thoughts & learnings from a newbie

Hello there 👋

Maybe you’re here because you’ve just received, and hopefully accepted, your offer at Perlego (if so, we can’t wait to meet you) or maybe it’s because you’ve seen an open role that interests you and you’d like a sneak peek into what your first few weeks might look like. Whatever the scenario, I will go through what my first two weeks at Perlego looked like.

But first, let me introduce myself…

I’m Dilyana, a DevOps engineer at Perlego. After a lifetime of maths, stats and data science, I recognised my true calling is in DevOps and infrastructure. Perlego welcomed me with open arms at this pivotal moment in my career, providing me with the environment to grow and thrive.

Now let’s get into it, shall we?

What to expect: before you start

Promptly after knowing the interview outcome, I received my offer letter and contract — I signed and submitted them electronically.

“I really appreciated the fact I was told I got the job face-to-face (well, via zoom as I’m based in Scotland), and was always given feedback in real-time throughout the interview process.

I received a couple of introductory emails from the talent team, a checklist of things to do like setting up various accounts.

Clearly, they have put a lot of thought into it and mapped out their onboarding flow. This was very useful as it allowed me to see which messaging, documentation and other software they use.

I received my work laptop right on time — the Friday before I started — I managed to set up all accounts on the checklist without any issues. I was also given access to some documentation, if you have time, you can go through them to get a feel for things before you start.

What to expect: on your first day

☎️ 9:00: Welcome

I had a call with my manager, who gave me a warm welcome and took me through the plan for the week.

👋 9:30: All Hands

Every Monday there is a company-wide call to kick off the week and to meet the new joiners — you give everyone a brief introduction to yourself.

🙋‍♀️ 9:45: Daily Standup #01 — abbreviated as DS

As I am used to referring to Data Science as DS throughout my whole career so far, I had a moment of confusion when I saw the calendar invites!

I met everyone in the DevOps team and tuned in to what they are working on for the first time.

🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ 10:00: Daily Standup #02

I joined the Squad DS — this is with the product team I will be working in and provide DevOps support to overtime. They also organised a catch-up that same afternoon so I got to know them better.


I got to breathe, read documentation, meet more people and start familiarising myself with the way things work at Perlego.

🌈 17:00: New Joiners Call

Finally, at the end of the day, I joined a call where people who have recently started, chatted about anything and everything and we have the space to ask any questions.

And just like that — My first day was done & dusted.

What to expect: on your first week

🔓 Unlock resources

Throughout the first week, I was getting access to all the resources I would need, both general and role-specific.

💎 Meet the leadership team

We had multiple leadership sessions, this is where new joiners could hear some of the history behind how it all started and where we are heading. It is particularly interesting to hear the various perspectives based on what their focus is, ranging from strategy to tech to operations.

👯‍♂️ Meet your Buddies

We get assigned ‘buddies’ when we start, which further contributed to the positive onboarding experience. This provides you with a point of contact for any questions you may have as you are finding your feet in your new role, and get to have fun conversations in the process.

🧠 Learn the ropes

Specifically for my role, I also started looking into the documentation and had some introductory sessions with my team to start understanding the infrastructure at a higher level, what the different services are, and what the different squads across the company do. Having access to the Jira board from the first day allowed me to learn more about and have an initial look at what sort of issues are coming up in terms of support, research and development.

What to expect: on your second week

🏊‍♂️ Time to swim

I was now ready to deep-dive into the different components and aspects of the infrastructure at Perlego. This has been incredibly helpful to get up to speed, especially as I am switching from a different field and most of my knowledge comes from spending evenings and weekends learning concepts on my own, working and anticipating the day I get to work on this full time.

The combination of being provided with continuous support and autonomy at the same time has been fantastic. More and more bits are starting to make sense, and the team is a goldmine of experience that I am absorbing information and literally upgrading myself every day.

What I learned

💬 Feedback is welcome & encouraged

On Friday afternoon of my first week, Donut on Slack kindly suggested that I fill in an anonymous survey about how the onboarding process went. The survey had various questions from what Perlego did right, any suggestions on what could be improved, did we feel welcome, do we understand what our role involves etc.

Personally, I thought there was a great balance between admin and social activities. We know how it feels to be excited about a role only to be buried up to your forehead in paperwork for a week when you start — not the case here!

👩‍💻 Remote onboarding is not an easy task

Hence why having the structure around onboarding that Perlego put together in advance made all the difference. The combination of company, technical and social related activity in my first weeks has helped me feel part of the team from the very beginning and get up to speed with everything way more promptly than I could have imagined.

Now I look forward to what we will accomplish next!

📣 Join us

See the Perlego Careers page 👀 for the current list of vacancies — we’re hiring!



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