A Global Alliance of Business Chambers to Create Transparency Powered by Perlin

The Chambers Climate Coalition will drive and coordinate climate action for millions of businesses around the world

Darren Toh
Jul 25 · 2 min read

The International Chamber of Commerce has already signed on an impressive 450 independent business chambers around the world to join the Chambers Climate Coalition. Harnessing the significant influence of these chambers in their own countries, the Coalition will support and coordinate more sustainable industry and corporate environmental initiatives across their millions of members.

Delegates from 450 business chambers around the world joined the Coalition to push for climate action and greater sustainability in business.

Business chambers around the world will actively offer access to Perlin’s Clarify supply chain transparency tool for companies to independently monitor and report on the outcomes. Powered by our pioneering Wavelet ledger, companies will have an immutable blockchain platform to showcase their commitment to take action aligned with the global sustainability and climate change initiatives.

Our CEO Dorjee was quoted in the ICC’s global release:

“450 chambers could potentially represent millions of businesses seeking to monitor and then hopefully reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains. Clarify can track on the blockchain the provenance and traceability of inputs as well as potentially provide estimated ranges of carbon emissions where distance travelled and mode of transport data is collected.”

Perlin’s Clarify is already commercially deployed for companies like APR to create transparency over their supply chains.

Check out ICC’s full release HERE

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Powering the future of trade on top of the world’s fastest public ledger.

Darren Toh

Written by

Head of Communications at Perlin



Powering the future of trade on top of the world’s fastest public ledger.

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