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Sharing our vision with the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders at Harvard

As a Young Global Leader appointed under the World Economic Forum (WEF), our Project Lead Dorjee was invited to join a recent intensive course on Global Leadership & Public Policy for the 21st Century, run by Harvard University. Other attendees included a diverse field of influential and accomplished YGL members from a broad spectrum of industries and high-profile social impact organisations.

Harvard is one of the world’s most prestigious and advanced tertiary learning institutions in the world — counting countless global leaders across various fields as alumni.

The course was designed to empower the WEF’s select Young Global Leaders as thought-leaders and effective agents of change, in order to more effectively address some of the world’s most pressing problems. Incorporating principles of public policy, corporate governance, macroeconomics and effective leadership — the course integrated theory with practice to advance the knowledge and skills of attendees as global influencers and change-makers.

WEF Young Global Leaders from across a broad spectrum of industries, social enterprises and organisations gathered at Harvard to learn how they can more effectively address major issues facing future generations.

The course subject matter was perfectly aligned with Perlin’s overarching vision to drive positive economic, social and technological disruption, using our distributed ledger Wavelet as a powerful platform for innovation. With compelling use-case pilots already in the works, encompassing commodity traceability, decentralized cloud computing, AI using privacy-preserving techniques, and trade finance (only the start) — Perlin remains committed to greater democratization of access and financial inclusion for communities around the world.

Perlin Project Lead Dorjee Sun presenting to WEF Young Global Leaders on Perlin’s vision as an engine of positive change in the world using its pioneering distributed ledger technology.

Besides absorbing the course material and networking with other influential attendees, Dorjee took the time to share Perlin’s vision for bringing about positive change using the compelling properties and potential of distributed ledger technology across every conceivable sector (commercial, social and environmental). Not wasting time, Dorjee also took the chance to meet with many of our existing and prospective stakeholders in the US while he was there.

Watch this space for more announcements on more commercial real-world deals signed and major tech releases coming up.

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Darren Toh