Perlin: Community Update #1

So, you’ve heard about Perlin and you’re interested in learning more about the project. I can assure you, from our side, the team is super excited about getting the community more involved!

However … we still need to stay in stealth mode for a bit longer.

So what is Perlin Network?

Perlin is a distributed ledger, hardening and generalizing the Avalanche consensus protocol: a partially-synchronous Byzantine fault-tolerant protocol built on a metastable mechanism over a directed-acyclic-graph (DAG) to achieve extremely high throughput and scalability.

Natively, Perlin is armed with a decentralized compute layer; supplying it with an engine that horizontally scales and processes all kinds of computational tasks you could imagine with extremely high throughput.

With these two worlds combined, we’re bringing together a new protocol that is going to empower developers with the practical means necessary to power the world’s decentralized economy.

And to emanate this protocol, we’re tying in computing resources through novel cryptographic means into a virtual currency we call PERL.

To kick-off PERL, we’ll be minting them out as ERC20 tokens and begin swapping them out into native tokens upon the release of our main-net.

Okay, so why is Perlin in stealth mode?

We are in stealth because we have a technical advantage, and some of our groundbreaking development needs to be nurtured and kept under wraps for now.

We truly want to build something extraordinary and are working hard, moving fast and for now are only providing limited access to trusted external code reviewers to verify our progress.

As an example, Crypto Briefing gave their in-depth insights on Perlin Network’s progression and thoroughly reviewed the current state of our tech & code.

It’s humbling to say the least, to hear Andre Cronje say:

“I’m at a loss for words. I want to work with these guys. This is as good as I’ve seen in quite a while.”

However, being in stealth mode also means that our whitepaper has not been publicly released, and any white papers in circulation are guaranteed to not be official publications by the Perlin team.

We rely on our community, so if you see any individuals, syndicates or pools who claim to be releasing this type of information, please send an email to

We do not approve of this type of activity, and if you happen to be involved with these types of schemes … さよなら.

Who is in the Perlin Network & can I buy me some PERL?

There are a few rumour mills and FUD groups spreading inaccurate information about our prior valuations and investors. To clear the air, these are all false and we appreciate, if you do not buy into these fake syndicates who claim allocations and are on-selling them at higher prices.

Please take care and if you do see any dangerous or unsubstantiated pools, email us at

We have a very limited private sale for strategic investors who can help us build a more robust Perlin Network, and as such, we are currently partnering with some of the largest enterprises around the world. Who, you might ask?

Please be patient, we will be releasing these partnerships and technical updates over the coming weeks on Twitter, Telegram and Medium — so subscribe to our official channels to stay updated!

Stay Safe by Staying Subscribed!

We’ve been notified by community members, that there are a number of impersonators and fake Perlin social media channels circulating the web, and whilst imitation might be viewed as a sincere form of flattery … we personally don’t think so, and we strongly urge you to report any suspicious individuals, groups and channels to

We do not want the community to fall victim to any scams.

The burning questions you have about our project will be released in the coming weeks on our official social media channels. Please bookmark and follow the links below to ensure that you are following Perlin’s official channels.

| Website | Github | Discord | Medium | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit |

So, while we’re not divulging any specific details about the Perlin Network just yet, we’ve been hard at work developing the network, forging strategic partnerships, and well … building the Perlin ecosystem.

Thank you for your time, consideration and patience. Your energy is what gets us up every morning, and we are so very grateful for the level of interest we are receiving.

’Til next time,

Perlin Team.