Perlin @ Singapore Events this Week

Crypto Explorers, United Conference of Internet Money & Blockshow Asia 2018

While the dev team is hard at work on the next iteration of our testnet, the biz dev team has been busy attending all the events in Singapore as one of our offices is located in Singapore. Dorjee, was also invited to attend and speak at a few so we thought we’d give you a quick rundown.

However to kick things off, we’ll be hosting an event in Tokyo on the 6th December, be sure to stop! Register for the event here.

Perlin Meetup in Tokyo — ‘The Next Wave of Distributed Tech’

Crypto Explorers Pilot Event @ Singapore (26 November)

Round Table Discussion: The Future of Decentralization & Crypto

Dorjee was invited to participate in a small but intimate pilot event organized by Crypto Explorers, discussing the macro outlook for decentralization and all things crypto. It was a wide-ranging discussion with influencers and project leaders in this space, covering decentralization as a driver for meaningful and positive innovation across multiple industries (beyond finance) and social sectors.

Dorjee participating in the vibrant round table discussion at the pilot Crypto Explorers event.

About Crypto Explorers

Based in Zug Switzerland, Crypto Explorers is a community set up for those who are passionate about the blockchain, decentralization, and a cryptographic future. Closely aligning with many of Perlin’s core values, the Crypto Explorers community stands for the principles that:

  • the decentralized future is a net positive for the world
  • collaboration with other like-minded individuals will help us better understand possible societal disruptions (positive and negative)
  • exchange of ideas in curated intimate settings with intellectually curious people is essential
  • remaining pragmatic in efforts to advance decentralization is critical
Crypto Explorers community based in Zug, Switzerland.

United Conference of Internet Money @ Sentosa, Singapore (26–27 November)

UCIM Panel Discussion: Cryptocurrencies — Are they Hedging Against the Existing System?

Dorjee was invited to join a panel at UCIM focused on the role of cryptocurrencies as a hedge against existing financial systems. Other panellists included industry thought leaders Brian Wee (CEO FundPlaces), Darryl Lo (Founding Partner DYOR Capital), and Daniel Santos (CEO Token Advisors).

Dorjee speaking on the panel at Blockshow Asia (with FundPlaces, DYOR Capital and Token Advisors). The panel was focused on crypto as a hedge against traditional forms of investments and revenue.

Dorjee took the opportunity to explain how Perlin’s economic framework and built-in financial incentives operate as a powerful new form of hedge to both traditional and crypto markets. For the millions of people globally (especially in struggling developing countries) who will be able to rent out their compute power, Perlin also serves as a powerful new form of hedge against their other existing sources of income.

About UCIM

Bringing together industry leaders and innovators from around the world, the UCIM Conference was focused on how decentralization lays the foundation for the monetization of ideas that result in technological disruption and revolution across industries. The Singapore conference offered a middle ground between centralized traditional structures and the emerging ideas of a decentralized economy. Its vision is to be a borderless and friction-free network to help support the integration of technologies, businesses, ideas, and dreams.

Blockshow Asia 2018 (Asia Blockchain Week 27 Nov — 1 Dec) @ Suntec City in Singapore

Perlin Working the Crowd

Dorjee and the team were invited to attend Blockshow and took the chance to connect with thought leaders, investors, influencers, and existing partners (and many potential new ones).

At Blockshow, from left to right: reps from QCP, First Capital, Perlin (Dorjee), crypto influencer Mandy B, and LD Capital.
From left to right: Carylyne, Luke (from Coinmarketcap), and Dorjee.

About Blockshow Asia

Organized by Cointelegraph, the Blockshow Conference brought together 100’s of speakers and 1000’s of attendees and influencers from around the world to showcased emerging blockchain technology solutions. With 2017 serving as a starting point for the entry of millions more to the community, the conference in 2018 was focused on supporting greater blockchain maturity. Among the crowd were experienced entrepreneurs with credible track records, investors, talents, traders, developers, and startups.

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’Til Next Time

Darren Toh