Perlin Speaking in San Francisco — World Digital Asset Summit

Joining the Discussion on Mass Adoption & the Future of Digital Assets

Leading on from our very productive trip to Tokyo, the Perlin team was invited to speak on two panels at the World Digital Asset Summit in San Francisco last week.

The WDAS Summit hosted by Block72 and FBG Capital

For the 1st panel, our CEO Dorjee spoke passionately on a theme very much at the heart of Perlin’s core mission: The Road to Mass Adoption. Joining Dorjee on the panel were other digital asset industry innovators and thought-leaders from Dapper Labs, Insolar, (acquired by Coinbase), Theta Labs, Origin Protocol, YAP Chain and GlobalCoinResearch.

We shared our vision for Perlin as a platform and our underlying business model, which has been specifically designed for true mainstream cross-over appeal. By allowing everyday people and traditional organisations to generate passive income from their idle devices, we’ve created powerful economic incentives to bring in the next billion users of decentralized tech.

We’ve also designed our compute layer to be readily accessible for a very broad customer base, including cloud users from all industries and sectors — not just the relative few already involved with blockchain. By providing the general public with a taste of the incredible potential of decentralized tech and its supporting ecosystems, we‘re confident of making substantial inroads toward greater adoption beyond existing cryptocurrency communities and into traditional markets.

Our CEO Dorjee sharing Perlin’s vision for mass adoption by creating practical economic incentives to bring in the next billion users.

For the 2nd panel, Dorjee spoke on another broad area where Perlin will also undoubtedly play a significant and ongoing role: the Future of Digital Assets. Joining Dorjee on this panel were industry experts from organizations including the ABCMint Foundation, Vault 12 and Cryptobriefing.

Despite the current market pain, the Perlin team wholeheartedly believes in the long-term future of digital assets. In fact, we think that continued tightening in the cryptocurrency market will mean that only projects with real value based on sound economic and tech based fundamentals will be able to flourish. With our compelling business model and genuinely disruptive tech, we obviously count ourselves within that small core group of high quality projects.

We remain true believers in the power of decentralization to positively transform how human communities and markets are currently structured and interact. And by combining that core belief with the application of real-world business principles, we’ve positioned Perlin perfectly to be at the forefront of that transformation — driving more efficient innovation across industries and empowering vulnerable and marginalized communities globally.

Dorjee explaining how Perlin will help build a bright future for digital assets across markets and industry sectors globally.

The Perlin team also took time to visit the SF offices of TRON, Facebook, Bittorrent and OKEx, and to meet up with 500 Startups, FBG, Arrington XRP, Cumberland, 8 Decimal, GBIC, Multicoin, Metastable, Lightspeed and many other influential investors who remain optimistic for the longer term future of digital asset markets and decentralized technology.

OKEx offices in San Francisco.

So for all you out there who are worried by the current market climate, rest assured that Perlin is still focused on launching our truly disruptive cloud platform to help usher in the next billion users!

Keep traveling with us on the road to mass adoption and building the future of digital assets.

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’Til Next Time

Darren Toh