Perlin @ the Blockchain Indonesia Summit

Sponsored by KoinX, BGoGo & Jinse

The Perlin team was invited to join the Blockchain Indonesia Summit organized and sponsored by KoinX Digital Asset Exchange (Indonesia’s leading exchange) in partnership with the KNS Group of Companies (one of the largest conglomerates in Indonesia), Bgogo, JinSession and Jinse Finance.

Perlin is already partnered with PT Telkom (Indonesia’s largest telco provider with 180M users) and has signed another major Indonesian industry partner in the commodities business (soon to be announced). The event was an opportunity for the Perlin team to network with other regional industry leaders and projects to advance our plans of establishing a strong presence in Indonesia, one of the fastest emerging markets in SE Asia.

Notable speakers included: Ciara Sun (CSO of Bgogo), Gengfa Zhong (CEO of ChainUP), Steven Suhadi (Director of ABI), Reuben Yap (COO of Zcoin), Huaiyang Zhu (Founder of Genesis Capital), Chen Zhuling (COO & CoFounder of aelf), Lao Ge (Founding partner of Evolution Capital), and Angela Tong (Founding partner of

Beyond blockchain operators from around the region, a range of large-scale traditional businesses and commodities-based players were also in attendance, which gave us an ideal chance to spread the word on the value-chain traceability pilots we’re already building on top of Wavelet, our next-generation distributed ledger (public testnet soon to be released!).

The real-world use-case applications for Perlin’s Wavelet ledger are growing and we’re looking forward to sharing more on pilots being deployed across various industry sectors. Value chain traceability DApps built on top of Wavelet has been a recent area of focus with increasing traction from a range of traditional companies looking to exploit distributed tech to drive practical digital innovation.

Watch this space for more big announcements in coming up shortly.

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Darren Toh