Food waste: what to do about it?

A community-based initiative in food salvage: Addison Road community gardeners in inner-urban Sydney collect food waste from the adjacent farmers’ market, salvage what us still edible and compost the rest as garden fertiliser.
  • serve one less dish than the number of people at a table sharing food?
  • serve two fewer dishes to restaurant customers sharing food?
  • deduct points from employees’ performance evaluations if customers they serve leave the premises with food still on their plates?
  • weigh customers on entering a restaurant to recommend how much food they need?

How much food is wasted?

  • Australia produced 7.3 million tonnes of food waste across the supply and consumption chain
  • of this, 2.5 million (34%) was created in our homes, 2.3 million tonnes (31%) in primary production and 1.8 million tonnes (25%) in the manufacturing sector
  • Australians recycled 1.2 million tonnes of food waste, recovered 2.9 million tonnes through alternative uses for the food waste and disposed of 3.2 million tonnes.”
Sorting through the farmers’ market food waste to salvage what is still edible at Addison Road Community Garden.

Food waste is a long-running problem

Where now?

After salvaging what is still in edible condition, food waste from Addison Road Farmers’ Market is pulverised by passing a lawnmower over it to prepare it for momposting. The finished compost is used in the community garden. The gardeners reporpose a significant voliume of food waste which would otherwise go to landfill.


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