Plant notes: Midyim berry — an Australian wild food ready to eat

Midyim berry is an Australian wild food suitable for garden cultivation.

Midyim berry.

Midyim berry.

Austromyrtus dulcis.


Low perennial shrub to around 80cm in width and around 60cm in height with pointed leaves around one to three centimetres in length. Taller specimens to two metres may be found. New leaf growth can be reddish-pink in colour. Leaves glossy dark green and lanceolate 9–30mm long by 3–10mm in width.

Fruit to around a centimeter in diameter. Tolerant of open shade and a range of soil types. Small white flowers in Spring. Fruit ripens January to March.


A species of the subtropical heathland with an ecological range from coastal northern New South Wales to south east Queensland. Occurs in heathland and open forest on sandy soils.

Can be grown throughout the warm temperate climatic region.

Soft-skinned mauve to white fruit speckled with dark spots is edible raw when ripe. The small seeds are edible. The soft fruit does not keep well.

Uses in landscape design

  • can be planted as a low hedge or border
  • a specimen planting in educational gardensforage food for gardeners
    edible landscaping.

Eaten by Australian Aboriginal people.

Seed, cuttings.

None found.

Relatively free of pests and diseases, the fruit has a mild sweetness and is slightly aromatic in flavour.

Protect from frost.



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