Do you want to write for Permaculture Women Magazine?

Join our global community of feminist writers, sharing designs, ideas, arts, and stories that elevate the voices of women in permaculture.

We’re looking for women to join our volunteer writing staff. You won’t get paid (none of us do) but you are welcome to promote your work at the end of your article, and you’ll get to be a part of a burgeoning community of permaculture women writers, sharing work and supporting each other to spread the word about permaculture, in all its manifestations.

As founding Editor-in-Chief, I have a vision for this publication. I want it to be a place where we stretch far beyond the commonly-held misconception that permaculture is all about gardening and eco-villages. Yes, I want our readers to come here for cool garden tips, but I also want them to discover that the women here are some of the boldest and most innovative thinkers of our time, and the work we are doing, both in black and white and out on the land, is shaping an emerging culture.

I want you to be a part of this. Previously published work is always welcome, or let this be a call to action for you to write something fresh!

And whether you join our writing team or not, for sure connect with us on Facebook, both in the Permaculture Women community forum and in the more focused, Permaculture Women Writers group, which I created specifically to support this magazine.

See you in there!

Heather Jo Flores

Submission Instructions:

Step 1: create a free Medium account.

Step 2: fill out this form, UNLESS you are a blogger/teacher/influencer with a website and you want to help cross-promote each other, in which case you should fill out THIS form, instead.

(either way, please fill out one of those forms up there before you move on to step 3)

Step 3: Create a new story, here on Medium, and get it completely ready to publish. Make it shine, because once we click publish, it shoots all over our little universe at once!

Step 4: In edit mode, choose “submit to publication,” and submit your story, (preferably as a draft,) to Permaculture Women Magazine

Here’s how to add your story to our publication:

Upper right corner next to Publish, click the “…”

drop down to “add to publication” and select Permaculture Women.

(If you want to submit a story you’ve previously posted to Medium, go to the story and click “edit”, then follow the directions below)

Have fun!

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