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Do you want to write for Permaculture Women Magazine?

Join our global community of feminist writers, sharing designs, ideas, arts, and stories that elevate the voices of women in permaculture.


We accept submissions from writers of all walks of life and levels of expertise. To get on the team, please go here and fill out the form.

There are two ways to add your work:

  1. Submit directly via this google template. This is our preferred method, as it creates only one copy of the article, on the website. From there we will share it in many places, and you can too.
  2. Submit via Medium. This is the old method, and it creates two copies of your article. Search engines will often ignore multiple copies of content in favor of singular copies that are well-cited. However, if you are already publishing multiple copies of your article, then go ahead and use method to add your work to Permaculture Women Magazine. If you aren’t listed on our writing staff here, send an email to and we’ll add you.

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