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Life in symphony

What’s an ecosystem?

What to call the echoes of love, if not love? Why add a system to it, as if it was so mechanical that we feel confined to be binary or dissonant? “Forever” searching for the meaning of consonating ourselves in perfect harmony with life and everything living.

There’s something magical about the soil itself, it smells beautiful and it teaches us to be perfectly in tune with the love that we actually are.

People in denial about love are sometimes so stubborn to understand that when we are aggressive to one another we release the burden of connecting. Is it a burden to feel love? I don’t think so.

I don’t think loving is that difficult when we love ourselves.

I was mistakenly sent to a cult once. I subscribed to a class and I went with friends, it seemed interesting and different — about spirituality and Gnosticism. It was a cult, and it was hilarious. They have a lot of understanding about how love connects, and what disconnects us from one another.

Everyone expects perfection but we often dismiss that perfection is not about having flaws or not, is about walking the path of freedom and peace, love and compassion.

That’s why, also, when we expect friendships, we must be open to some sort of turmoil to understand what we need to consonate. I mean, the opposite of dissonance is consonance!

I found Richard Maddock, a wonderful pianist on Facebook. He plays my lullabies.

I love myself enough now to be able to tell my story sometime. It will be a beautiful book, I’m sure.

Have you noticed, those of us of good are also those of us who give love and love to everyone? Is it a mistake to love others?

We never love in detriment, but in consonance and absolute freedom.


Maybe the question is the offering of body, peace and patience.

Stay fresh. Autumn is here.



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