Algebraix Announces Rebrand to

The new brand affirms the company’s commitment to creating a new digital ad model based totally on permission. and its beta product “getALX” are officially rebranding to The rebrand reinforces a corporate dedication to creating permission-based relationships between advertisers and consumers.

“This rebrand gives clarity around what our company has always stood for and what users and advertisers on the platform can expect,” says Charlie Silver, CEO at
“Timing is right for a completely different ad model,” he adds. “Consumers are now actively avoiding interruptive ads and scrutinizing how their data is handled. Our model is founded on transparency and permission in order to deliver trust. It’s refreshing, and we think both customers and advertisers will see the benefits right away.”

The company launched its permission marketing application in beta at SXSW 2018. The web application has seen explosive organic growth, supporting its belief that an advertising model based on interruption is no longer viable. Both advertisers and members of the company’s beta community have enthusiastically adopted the permission-based advertising ethos made a practical reality by, inspiring the comprehensive rebrand and the tagline, “Ask First.”

In addition to the corporate rebranding is also renaming its cryptocurrency. The reward users get for engaging with ads is changing from ALX to ASK, in keeping with the idea that advertiser-consumer relationships built on permission are the key to loyalty and superior ROI. is creating a new digital ad model built on Permission, Trust, and Transparency. The Permission Marketplace properly compensates its members to view ads versus the legacy model of interruption and inequitable economics.