Permission CEO Appears On CNN And News Stations Across The Country

The Permission Marketplace was featured in a story about blockchain innovators recognizing the value of data and compensating consumers who create it.

We’ve been receiving messages from people all over the country who are curious about the watch and earn experience on

“Data has tremendous value,” says Permission CEO Charles Silver. That is the understatement of the year.

General consumers are finally expanding their awareness to realize the unprecendented access that Silicon Valley has to their personal data. Collectively, people are fighting back by using blockchain backed platforms such as Steemit and These are platforms that recognize the value of trust and compensate users for contributing their data, content, or participation to the network.

Click above to view the full segment from CNN and WDTN.

Permission is creating a new digital ad model built on Permission, Trust, and Transparency. The Permission Marketplace properly compensates its members to view ads versus the legacy model of interruption and inequitable economics.