Permission Pays: Refer & Earn Triples Membership in 24 Hours

People all over the world have joined the fight to end data exploitation.

The Crusade To End Data Exploitation Has Begun

They say the key to starting a movement is defining the problem. So here it is: It is wrong for the giants of the internet to exploit personal data.

For too long, internet users have been socialized to throw their hands in the air and accept that the massive tech industry knows every single bit of data about them. By extension, advertising and marketing companies can harvest as much data as they can afford, in order to interrupt their targets with flashy banner ads. Society’s ultimatum was: You can keep your privacy or you can keep the internet.

This is why we created, to be the tool and technology through which people can move towards a future that includes data ownership. We believe your data has value and belongs to you. This is a belief worth spreading, so we developed Permission Refer & Earn.

The Explosive Launch of Refer & Earn

After unanimous feedback from beta testers and meticulous planning and effort from our incredible development team, we released Refer & Earn into the wild on Monday, August 13th. It turned in to a very lucky day for us and for our supportive community! is steadily gaining more than 200 new verified members per hour!

As a company, it’s thrilling to see such rapid growth in a product that we’re proud of. As a team of passionate privacy advocates, nothing is more rewarding than reaching people who see the potential of our vision, and are moved to take part.

Become a Crusader

There has never been a more exciting time to join! Members earn 1,000 tokens for every person they refer, and referees earn 100 Permission tokens (ticker: ASK) for joining the cause!

Keep in mind: referees must verify their account in order for referrers to earn their bonus.