Stronger Security, Simplified Experience

We’re doing 2FA a better way on Will Always Take Your Security Seriously

It is one our foundational values, after all. Most of it we can handle on our own, behind the scenes. For the individual member, we enforce a minimum length on account passwords and require Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). This keeps your wallet and profile locked behind multi-level security. If you’re new here, or you’re confused about 2FA, click here to learn how to set it up.

We are well aware that 2FA comes with its challenges, so we worked to address your biggest barriers to adopting it. Based on feedback from our members, we built a better way to 2FA. See the simple breakdown below.

Use Your 2FA Code For:

  • Logging in to
  • Changing the email address linked to your account
  • Changing the your account password
  • Switching your 2FA provider

Use Your Password For:

  • Logging in to
  • Updating your personal profile information
  • Sending transactions (when we move to mainnet)

The app will prompt you, of course, when you need to enter your password or 2FA code.

Things to Keep in Mind

When setting up 2FA on your device for the first time, you MUST write down your 2FA Passkey. Should you misplace the device and therefore lose access to your 2FA codes, we cannot restore access to your account.

To further boost security, we now only allow a single login session. For instance, if you are logged in to on your mobile device, then later log in via a computer, you will be logged out of the other system. is creating a new digital advertising model built purely on permission between advertisers and consumers. With complete transparency, advertisers and consumers can now forge trusted relationships that were unavailable through the legacy models of interruption and exploitation.

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