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Take Back Ownership of Your Data, How The Blockchain will solve Data Exploitation

In the age of the internet, your data has become the hottest new commodity on the market. Valuable data ranges from your birthdate to the people you talk to, even to what your interests and hobbies are. Your psychological profile is just one of the millions used by advertisers and politicians to sculpt an all-too personal campaign that preys upon your time and attention.

Major scandals have surfaced from data exploitation and yet millions continue to sign away their data daily, often without even realizing it. You don’t need to look further than Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal to see the effects. Facebook users consented to their data being harvested through a survey, affecting millions in the process due to the terms of service granting access to their friend lists.

It’s time we started asking permission to use your data. It’s time we started using ASK to give you back control.

Your data leaves footprints everywhere

Data exploitation is a hotly debated topic among digitally inclined individuals and companies, but not so much among everyone else. Millions give away their data for free through the use of social media, quizzes, surveys, and even just regular browsing that leaves a clear digital footprint.

Advertisers absolutely love this footprint.

It allows them to serve more effective marketing suited to interests and patterns like yours. However, the privacy and permanency of that data is still something that should belong to you, the consumer, rather than faceless companies built to monetize it.

“The truth is, even if you’re not using digital devices at all, you still have a digital footprint through your bills, your mortgage, even your driver’s license.”

With blockchain technology, we have the capability of returning power to the individual. advocates for data ownership and proper compensation for the use of that data. It’s through this advocacy that we’ve created a solution that impacts nearly every facet of the digital data industry. We’ve created ASK, a cryptocurrency built around permission.

One of the most significant implications of individuals’ lax attitude toward data privacy is the rise of invasive advertising. Although many consumers continue to tolerate chronic interruptions with little to no benefit to them, the growth of interruptive advertising has spurred the growth of ad blockers. So much so that over 50% of younger generations admit to regularly using one. flips the concept of invasive advertising on its head and, instead of punishing the consumer with distractions, rewards the customer with ASK for interacting with the advertisement.

That’s right. You get rewarded, instead of interrupted.

We’re proving this concept with the launch of’s marketplace.

Right now, only 20% of retail is based on e-commerce. That number is projected to move to 90% within the decade, which means huge amounts of data and an even greater need for data ownership and compensation. With this flagship marketplace, we’re putting the ASK cryptocurrency through its paces to amazing effect.

Shoppers on the platform are compensated for their data through ASK, keeping their data in their hands throughout the entire purchase process. During their shopping journey, they receive ASK rewards for making purchases, viewing ads and other interactions. On the Permission marketplace, you benefit from a transparent consumer experience and the knowledge that you were compensated for the data provided while on the platform, rather than it being harvested (and sold!) without any return for you.

The marketplace presents a powerful facet of the change ASK is bringing to the e-commerce and digital advertising sectors with its mission of compensating individuals for their data. The ASK cryptocurrency changes the face of the consumer advertising market for the better with user permitted opt-in engagement.

Learn more about our mission at and make sure to follow us on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and our active community on Telegram for the most up-to-date information!



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