The Permission Blockchain Is Going Live By The End Of The Year.

We Answer Your Most Burning Questions About Mainnet Launch.

If you missed our Telegram AMA last Friday, we’re here to catch you up. is proud to announce that the Permission token (ticker: ASK) is going live by the end of the year! After months of planning, testing, and interacting with our incredibly dedicated community, we are preparing to pull the trigger and launch our blockchain within the next several months.

The big news came last Friday during an AMA on our Telegram. Shane, our Agile Coach and the guy who keeps things rolling in the Permission office, answered the community’s questions about the token, compatible wallets, upcoming app features, and more. Keep reading to learn what you missed!

Will ASK be an ERC20 token?

Great question. No, it won’t be. We are not an ERC20 token contract on Ethereum. We are leverging Ethereum’s geth infrastructure code and the Clique consensus protocol to create our own blockchain, with the ASK token fueling the network.

Since ASK is not an ERC20 token, what wallets can members use, other than the Permission wallet?

Currently, we expose our HD derivation path on your wallet page, for those early adopters who understand how to set that up. For those of us who aren’t comfortable with setting that up manually, we will have some supported wallets coming out soon.

We will have compatibility with and; along with other wallet providers, including hardware wallet providers.

What will be the next feature introduced for the user to want to go to the website besides going just to watch the ads to earn more ASK tokens?

The next visible feature this month will be the CTA for advertisers. In short, an advertiser will expose one of 6 Calls to Action buttons, Ex: Buy now, subscribe, more info, etc. if you like the purple pillow, you will now be able to ‘buy now’ from amazon or wherever the advertiser wants to send you for purchase.

Will the amount of ASK shown in the Earned Balance be the same number members will receive when the Permission mainnet goes live?

Yes. Currently, we are on test net and have funded the community with 2000 ASK to play around with. This was intended to protect your earned balances, while we test out the blockchain. Once main net is live, after test net is audited and you guys are happy, we will then ‘flush’ your earned amounts daily to your wallet.

Why is it that you can’t like/unlike individual videos?

Unlike Youtube, our videos dont live forever. When it runs out of [funding], it’s done. We do plan, next year sometime, to build in reviews for individual content, to assist the community to weeding out bad content providers, via a rating/review system.

Is there an accumulated ASK limit before the mainnet is activated?

No limits! We hope you will watch and refer and earn lots and lots and lots of Permission tokens!

Shane ended the AMA by reminding everyone that Permission is a beta product, in which the token is a key part… but not the only part! We need testing and feedback on the entire experience.

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