Lego House vs Bloodstream

Of all Ed Sheeran’s songs, Lego House has been my favorite. The song was released way back in 2011 and since then Ed Sheeran has given us dozen other songs. But still, it has been only Lego House for me all the way.

Bloodstream was released last year and though I did not mind listening to it, I could never feel it. It was revealed that the song is about Sheeran’s experience with MDMA. At that time I felt that the song is no better than ordinary. It seemed like just a gloomy babble of a doped up guy.

A couple of months back I tried cannabis for the first time. It was my first time with any psychoactive drug. Because of gross miscalculations and momentary insanity, I took a little too much. It took me almost 48 hours to completely throw it out of my system. In those 48 hours, it seemed that I have felt all there is to feel and seen all there is to see in the world. In fact, now that I think about it, it was a very spiritual experience in a lot of ways.

I vaguely remember this analogy which is often described to aspirants of spiritual development. According to it, we need to imagine two birds sitting on a branch of a tree. One of the bird is eating a fruit. The other bird is watching the first bird eat the fruit. So a person with no spiritual connection is like the bird eating the fruit, just busy with himself doing whatever. A person in touch with its spirituality is like the bird watching the other bird eat fruit. Basically as you become more and more spiritual, you keep rising up from the worldly pleasures and indulge in them not as an active being but as a passive being. You are able to assess your actions by examining yourself from a third-person’s perspective.

While I was high, I kept having out-of-body experiences and it felt as if I am pondering over my life as a stranger rather than as myself. Hence, spiritual.

After first teasing me and then torturing me for all together 2 days, the experience was over. And was I glad.

At the recent Billboard Music Awards, Ed Sheeran performed the song Bloodstream. I listened to it as if listening for the first time. It seemed so right, just right. I closed my eyes and it felt as if I am back on the same couch where I chewed on my Mary Jane candy. I was able to understand the madness. The same song which I have earlier rejected, I was downloading it.

It’s almost been a month and it feels like I need to hear Bloodstream everyday to get my daily fix. I realize how our experiences shape us, even making us to madly hear a song that we have earlier ignored.

I also credit Ed Sheeran for he was able to write about a psychedelic experience with such rhythm and beauty. Strings of his guitar only pushes one into the trance further.

I like listening to this gloomy babble of a doped up guy.

Needless to say, I haven’t heard Lego House in a while.

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