Five ICO’s To Notice In 2018

The current correction in digital asset markets has reignited interest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) as the $3.7 billion raised by ICO’s in 2017 lingers in the minds of investors eager for new opportunities. With new ICO’s being announced every day and projects encompassing an increasingly diverse variety of applications across various sectors, finding the best projects can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Here are five projects to keep an eye on in 2018:

  1. Vaultbank

Vaultbank is building a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for building distributed applications (dApps) and bringing digital securities to the marketplace. The Vaultbank Token will be backed by secured credit assets managed by Vaultbank’s investment team and the company plans to offer quarterly dividends to token holders and a debit card to allow spending of integrated cryptocurrencies. The presale is currently open to investors with a 15% discount on purchases and a minimum contribution of $25,000 for U.S. investors and $100 for international investors. The Vaultbank presale ends on February 16, 2018 and has raised $1.7 million at time of writing.

2. Anthem Gold

Anthem Vault offers a digital currency called Anthem Gold enabling users to purchase and exchange gold. Founded in February 2011 by CEO Anthem Hayek Blanchard and President Cynthia Blanchard, the U.S.-based precious metals retailer stores its metals in a vault in Salt Lake City, Utah and provides U.S. customers with the ability to purchase or invest in precious metals. Customers can pay as little as $25 for part of a bar or purchase full bars up to $5 million.

3. Crypterium

Crypterium offers a cryptocurrency banking platform featuring cryptocurrency payments via their mobile app, loyalty programs, and blockchain-based lending enabled through the native CRPT token. The platform offers contactless payment options, integration with Paypal and other third-party payment services, no limits on transaction volume, and an OpenAPI platform with an AppStore for the development of third-party applications. The ICO started on October 31, 2017 and reached its hard cap on January 6, 2018 raising over $51 million from more than 68,000 participants.

4. Universa

The Universa token sale raised $28 million to support the development of a business-grade platform for smart contracts. Founded by CEO Alexander

Borodich, Universa has offices in Lithuania, Italy, and Russia and promises faster, cheaper transactions and superior scalability. Applications on the platform include a company register, free notary and digital rights management from Attesta, a Universa wallet and crypto-messenger, and a trust and reputation platform called SocialScore.

5. Wealthman

Wealthman provides a decentralized wealth management platform that allows users to develop and host ‘robo-advisors’ for the automated management of digital assets. Robo-advisors will be programmed to target the objectives set by investors using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. No minimum investment will be required and KYC procedures will be flexible. The private round of their sale has already begun with a 125% bonus for participants in the private round and the ICO is planned to begin in March, 2018 with a beta version of the platform targeted for release in July.